The new Divx has arrived!



I just posted the article The new Divx has arrived!!!.

Yes thats right, this day the new version of Divx (v4.0) arrived, that should replace the old Divx 3.11. It just went out of Alpha state. This new version is VERY stable.

This version plays ALL…

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Check it out: or M@W :7


Due to the heavy traffic our site is experiencing, we are adding additional capacity! Sorry for the inconvenience!..:frowning: Try This: :wink:


One word… AWESOME!!! :7


very nice! good post :wink:


Uses up a lot of system resources… but otherwise really cool! :wink:


:slight_smile: anything wich makes my computer encode DivX quicker is great. Nice :4


Great post, man! :7


Well the codec seems to live up to its end but the playa crached my computer saying not enough system resourses with 128 MB ram and nothing running in the background except explorer. It runs fine until I dont do anything at all. Playa was running I double clicked on my documents and crash. Thats no good, even Mp8 does never do that:(:r


This is idd great news, but there are still some problems, I tried to encode a movie, and I see no difference in frames/sec over the 3.11 codec.


Yes cool news but I won’t use it untill Nandub supports it… :frowning:

#12 this site is function and DivX4.0Beta is ready for download :slight_smile:


Has anybody tried the new OpenDivX 4.0 beta codec yet? I don’t have more frames/sec that with the 3.11 codec. Why is that?


beacause many people just talk shit … thats why u don`t get any speed improvement … I’ll stick to old divx (ms-mpeg4v1,2,3) for now … just like gam3fr3ak said … , althoug i dont use nandub


I worked fine with me. It’s actuelly faster. But you have to manualy set your settings to improve overall speed.


Actually, I am having some problems playing back about 15% of the DivX 3.1 encoded clips that I have when using the 4.0 codec/player. The bottom 10% of the image is all blurred and causes weird artifacting when things move through that area on the bottom of the playback screen. Not sure what is causing it.


DivX rulez!! gona try it out right away! :wink:


The Windows Media Player is much better than the crappy player that comes with this file.

#19 Wan’t a good DIVX player? Dump The Playa and check the URL above.