The new Cloner Copy Program

By now you have all heard about this new copy program, I have been beta testing for the author, and so far it has produced good results on the autosettings, something we have been after for years, a cd prog, that will autodect the protection, and then set its self up too make a perfect copy. Still no release for the so called Master CloneCD, maby it never made it too the market, as it didn’t do what it stated :slight_smile:

Greets from The Diplomat :cool:

It be nice not have to try and figure out what is being used as a protect scheme

Hmmm…I like this program; I’ve done some reads. It’s nice to be able to set something before bed that takes 7-10 hours overnight.

how did you get this program to work
after I downloaded it and installed it and restarted it
I got an illegal operation with windows so I had to re-install my windows

I had the same problem as Oaky.

Don’t use this program unless you’re willing to risk reinstalling windows.

I had a major WindowXP crash, but lucky for me when I reinstalled , it had not deleted the Documents and settings folder where all your info is stored/ I managed to get it to use my existing name, and it worked, so all I lost was 14hrs, never mind, the program detected all 3 drives, and works great now! must find some way of backing up my main drive too a file on one of me other drives, so far I have been unsucessful:mad:

Hello CdFreaks members.
The version 3.0.4 is now ready.
Some users reported me of they are not able to install TheCloneR because the System file wininet.dll was protected by windows.
I hope this is the cause if some people have crashed they windows installation.
I have now fixed it and the WinInet.dll is now not installed by TheCloneR.
I hope of someone good person may test this new version and let me know.
Please Unistall all previous versions before install this one.

Has i promise in this version there is a special password: “CdFreaks” wich will unlock the program in special mode allowing users to make 5 unrestricted clone.

Stefano. Sorry for my bad english and sorry for problems caused by my software.

Ok, I downloaded it, and to my amazement I got no error on instal, and no error when starting it, but hell it says no cd-roms or writers, so I checked my box and there they sat a lite-on 48125w and 32123s and 163d dvd, nope no one stole them, so it does not recognize any of my hardware, well better luck next time…

Your nick suits you kamikazee.LOL:cool:

Oh, woe is me, I tried to install again, and it did recognize, the fantom cd drive, only problem it is a virtual drive, Ok I gave it 2 shots, and in my game there are only 2 strikes so it’s off to the recycle bin for this program…and he wants how much for this?? Thats more than I payed for my lite-on…

And yes I have emailed the author of this program 3 times but that like the program does not work, they to go unrecognized…

LOL poor guy has probably got too many of then to be able to reply to more than a tiny fraction :rolleyes: and your obviously not in that fraction.