The new BenQ(Acer) 40X burner


is there any info on this new drive???

is it a rebadge of another drive? lite on plex etc?

please shed some light on a relatively new drive if you can…acer burners have been quite good in the past and i’d like to know if this progressed with the new benq.

i strongly recomend installing kazza and utilising the world wide web

It’s still an Acer drive they have just changed the name on just about everything I do belive… Most place here when they run out of the Acer branded stuff have started stocking BenQ instead.

yeah acer recently underwent a name change in dec 2001 and have taken on a slightly different marked angle too

they are heading towards marketing of digital camera technologies,plasma screen technologies and a host of other products.

the name change is obviously directed at making the brand it self appealing both households and comercial business.

diversify , change and adapt or drown…its still acer at heart