The New 9 GB DVD-R

will these new DVDrs that will be released be compatible with out current burners?

earlier reports suggested that a firmware flash might enable + support for dual layer recordables, but i don’t know if that’s still the case.

it would really suck hard if we gotta buy new burners man

…start workin’ those cheeks

i take it thats a no?

No, not really. If it is gonna suck though, we’re gonna need good cheek muscles.

I cannot see how the old Writers would work with dual layer media? unless they have already built in provision for tunable laser frequencies to read each layer seperately.

the question is how much it will cost now

Where exactly did you hear about these DVD’s? When will they be out? What’s the approximate cost?

-D j K i l l a-

not soon…and when they do come out id say around 500$ at least…just like when dvd recorders first came out…have to go through the whole marketing cycle again how long has it taken for dvd burners to come down in price what 2 years?

for recoridign u may need a new burner, but what bout for reading etc?

i thought it’d just read like standard dvd-9’s u get for movies etc?

The initial reports I’d read simply stated that the dual-layer DVD’s were on their way, but no indication was made either way as to whether a new burner would be needed.

I’m with the rest of you – hoping a new burner isn’t the case. I just got my first burner 2 months ago, and found my way to this site just today and would hate to “start over” again with a whole new schema.

I’d also read that the dual layer discs would only hold 8.5GB, where commerical dual-layers hold 9.4GB… which, in most cases would be a moot issue, since I’ve not ripped a DVD that was larger than 8GB…

commercial dual-layered dvds only hold 8.5gb as well, which u’ve seen urself.

yeah just like u can only fit 4490/4.38 gb on a 4.7 dvd5
u can fit 8980 or 8.5 or so instead of 9.4, which is 4.7 x 2 :stuck_out_tongue:
just like my 120 gig hdd is really about 110 gig:( or soemthing

it’s not just about the 1000 vs 1024 deal. dual-layered dvds don’t have twice the capacity of a single-layered dvd, as can be seen here:

DVD-5 (12 cm, SS/SL) 4.37 gig (4.70 BB) of data, over 2 hours of video
DVD-9 (12 cm, SS/DL) 7.95 gig (8.54 BB), about 4 hours