The need for speed or not

Hi All

I think this has been discussed but I am looking for a straight answer really.

If as some say it is best to burn at your drives max speed, then why when you burn anything you are requested at what speed you wish to burn ?

Some say burn fast, some say burn slow, I have even read optimum middle of the road speeds are best, oohhh head hurts with all this.


For me it’s very simple : If i want quality then i burn at the certified speed for that particular media, if i want speed then i burn as fast as the drive will let me.


So in my case which is this.

I am using a Burner with 32X max and my media is 52X max then I burn at 32X, yes?


Washac, that is correct since your burner isn’t capable of overspeeding past its max writing capablities.

hm… you all might think i’m nuts now, but anyways, i still burn my cdr’s @ 8x max., especially if they’re sth like (s)vcd. dvdr @ 4x… although i could go faster. results prove me right on my experience so far… but heh, depends on your drive & media i guess. anyways, who cares for a few minutes. especially if quality is your goal.

This is why we have error scanning, to determine the optimal combination of media and burner and speed. Without testing, there’s no way to knwo how your particular media is performing in your burner. Every media is different, and every burner is different. Consult the media FAQ.

The slower you burn the better your quality is. If you would check a CDs or DVDs written by the same burner with same blanks with different speeds with special equippment the lands and pits are burnt nicer at the slower speed. But this does not mean that you get the best burn when writing with 1x. Since most CD-R have a max writing speed of 52x the spindle motor is tuned for high speeds wich means that the motor has some problems at slower speeds. So if you have a 12x SCSI burner 1-4x would give you better burns than @ 12x and with a 52x burner 16 or 32 x would be a good value. Also since CD-R medias are also tuned for high speeds such as 32x or greater many blanks can not be written at 1x or 2x anymore and also would not produce great results at low burnng speed.

I burn my discs at slower speeds for quality.
Although I have read some people say some discs don’t really like being burnt slower than what they are rated for. (I think Ritek 8x for example don’t like slower than 8x)

cd’s 16x max.
dvd’s 4x max.

Usually you get the best quality burning media at 1/3 to 1/2 of the maximum speed of the burner. If this is the maximum speed that media is good for, the next speed down is usually best. You can test to be sure.

Example: my main CD-RW drive is 52-24-48. My DVD burner burns CDs at 24-10-40.

If I have 48x or 52x media, I should probably burn at 24 or 32x on my main drive, but since 24 is the maximum speed on my DVD burner, I will probably get best quality at 16x.

If I have 16x media (actually I do, some nice Memorex black CDs that I seem to be using slowly :slight_smile: ), I wouldn’t burn at 24 or 32x, even though my burner will let me. I will burn at 8 or 12x for quality.

With DVD, though, I find it isn’t so clear. My DVD burner is 8x + and 4x -. I find that it burns 4x media beautifully at 4x. It isn’t necessary to step down to 2.4x, although I might find that it is slightly better. In truth, I have only burned one 8x DVD and it sucked (although it was 4x media, so perhaps the drive was overly optimistic about its ability to burn the media at that speed).

If you need to burn fast, feel free, but I think you’re best to avoid the very fastest speed of a CD burner unless you really need to burn quickly.