The Natural and Never Say Never Again



Having problems copying The Natural. Have original disk and was unable to copy so I rented it and it still wont copy.

I have all of the latest AnyDVD and CloveDVD. The errors are quit simular to the one’s that The Grudge did when it first came out.

Please help. Thanks.

If you all can help with this one, I have one more and its a popular James Bond flick. It’s doing the same thing.

“Never Say Never Again” not MGM its released by Orion and doesnt have gun-barrel sequence.


Try to copy the whole movie to the hard drive using DVD Decrypter. Use CloneDVD to work from this copy.


I had no problems backing up my copy. And I wasn’t even using the latest version back then…is this a region 1 version?


Working on it now. Got The Natural copied with Xcopy Xpress (Which suprised me). Never Say Never Again didnt work with that method.

I am at 49% right now making ISO with Decrypter using DVD43 and not AnyDVD. Seems to be working but we will see.


Yes Region 1. Well bad news as I am typing this reply, it got to 50% and failed using Decrypter.

I/O Error!


try just copying the movie file itself instead of the whole disc(that’s if you’re tryin’ to copy the whole disc)