The Napster Press Release

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Napster News - 2001.3.11

As you probably know by now, the federal district court has issued
a pre-trial injunction ordering Napster to block the…

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The music industry is affraid of the Internet. Because, The internet is the only way to bypass EMI, Sony etc. Instead, bands can earn alot of money by using a private manager for the publicity. So Music industry: Be affraid, be VERY affraid. Bands around the world: Get a private manager, that’l save you alot of money Zyron

It is stupid to recommend KaZaA as a non paid alternative for Napster. KaZaA has serious plans to make money from filesharing. AudioGnome, WinMX or even Napster combined with Napigator are better options.

or check : this is not the end we just starting hehehe