The myth of personal home users being pirates

Hmmm…very interesting article. I thought I’d share it with my fellow Freaks :iagree: .I quote the Metro, 8/7/04 pg 11:

Are there pirates in your office…?

One in three businesses is breaking the law by using pirate computer software, according to a new report.

The problem is estimated to cost the IT industry £1 billion each year, and threatens thousands of jobs.

More than 90 percent of all illegal software in circulation is used by businesses, from small firms to large corporations, it was alleged.

The findings, by the Business Software Alliance, destroy the myth most pirated software is used by private individuals.

They account for only five percent of illegal users. Many bosses have no idea they are breaking the law by not having the correct license for software they use. If caught, their companies face six figure fines, to the worst case, bosses could be jailed.

But the BSA claimed firms were knowingly and unknowingly buying the wrong licenses.

For instance, a business might buy software licensed for one PC but it would be installed in every computer in that company, which is illegal. Such use would require a corporate license, which costs much more.

‘We have also found that some companies are buying counterfeit software,’ the BSA added.

‘This is espcially the case with public sector companies, which have a duty to find the cheapest seller.’

CD checks for MS Office with Starforce 3 protection, anyone? :cop: :stuck_out_tongue:

But what are the chances your company’s gonna get checked for software license? Imagine a small business buying 12 licenses for WinOS and MS Office… there goes 50% of their budget. And, they don’t get any discount like educational institutes, where licenses are way cheap for most software. I got Adobe Photoshop CS licenses for $110 each.

Ummmm…I used to pirate sw at my school with the old Network Admins…:slight_smile: Now everything got legalized after the layoffs :(. But hey, I got a Corporate WinXP key now! :smiley:

I agree with Stoner here …
lower prices = more sales = less piracy

if microsoft office was half price, you would buy it?

i only use xp cause my college gives it to me for free

if microsoft office was half price, you would buy it?

Nah, that still wud cost a lot. Right now, I’m using the cd given by my school .
But i have high hopes from OpenOffice , here .