The music industry should fight piracy with more music online



I just posted the article The music industry should fight piracy with more music online.

   When one 

first uses an online service that boasts a 1/2 million or more songs, one thing
they may expect is to be able to find pretty much any song that comes to
mind. …

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I don’t get it. Don’t they just understand that it’s better to have the biggest market share in online music sales by dropping prices and providing good monthly fees (like DSL/cable), than just keep believing the world isn’t ready for online music stores ? I would probably immediately buy an monthly account if I was sure more than pop an oldies would be served, without DRM and with good quality encoding, even for 30-40€ or $ a month.


When they start offering lossless audio download, I will buy it. I started using some of the legal services, but 128kbps WMA/AAC sounds crap. Ben :slight_smile:


This a major problem facing the music industries today they need to make more music avilable. What good does it do if you can’t find that old song you liked 10 years ago. I know personaly I want 192Kbps and my fair use rights back as well as more music in the libary to pick from. We are paying customers who demand quality why is that so hard to ask. Are we not paying?? for the music you offer we just want our fair use rights back.