The Music Industries infamy recorded forever

You know you’re behaving badly when writers start writing about your infamy in their novels.

I will draw CDFreaks attention a book published in 1987:
Equal Rites by Terry Pratchett. A discworld novel :wink:
Page 70, or thereabouts …


Do i remember correctly that the Equal Rites (i read the dutch translated version of it) is a story about a female witch taking on the leadership of the solely male wizards school?

Comment. Well, Terry Pratchett always used wonderful references to “our real world on planet earth” to describe the differences between Discworld and Earth. Currently i’m reading the Bromeliad trilogy about gnomes who used to investigate space but kinda stranded on Earth. Pratchett uses a huge lot of mankind references such as religion, racism and other stuff extrapolated into the absurd. It’s kinda fun when you read it and simultaneously think Pratchett is actually making fun of mankind itself.

Yes. I read the same book.

It was so long a go though, that I can’t remember the paragraph quoted by Debro. Nice catch :smiley:

Who doesn’t?

I think religions, wars (or are the two of those one & the same) politics and [ancient] customs are just ripe for humility.

If we can’t have a sense of humour & poke fun at ourselves, we might as well go back to the trees where we belong :stuck_out_tongue:

haha true