The MPAA has its eyes on you by Proxy



I just posted the article The MPAA has its eyes on you by Proxy.

According to the MPAA, it’s losing millions of dollars to the
the selling of counterfeit dvd’s by street vendors. They’ve decided they’re
going to try a new approach to see if it will…

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Hmmmmm! Now there is an idea. If I bought the LAPD SWAT Team a new armoured tank I wonder if they would be convinced to plow down a few studio lots. All it seems to take is money!


This is an outrageos invasion of privacy. I could not believe while reading this is happening in States, not somewhere in north Korea. Remember, when the idea of security cameras was first discussed with public, we were told we will benefit at the end of the day. There were horrible scary criminals out there, killeres rapists and drug dealers of all sorts. And the public said yes, we would sacrifice some of our freedoms in the noble exchange for safety of our kids and our lifestyle. Now the comparison with North Korea becomes more and more obvious. Really, the same signs of a military state. Somebody in power (mpaa in our case) is made uncomfortable (doesnt get as much money as desired). Solution- well, instead of writing formal complaints to the local police, city authorities, the state of LA and finally the senate why dont we buy a few ten dollar toys, explain LAPD how good it is to be friendly with us (because we Are the power) and simply make the silly Joe behave, that is buy “proper” stuff, the one We sell. Oh, yes, because the Joe is the reason for our pain in the pants, he should ultimately pay for the whole show. This is sad. It is just too painful to see how rapidly we are loosing the democracy our heroes spilled blood and died for. All i can offer is a suggestion to the LA citizens. If you dont like being watched by mpaa or anybody else with money- do with the damn things what you’d do if somebody tried to put one in your own home, Anything to protect your rights. No cheers today. FidelC.


Due to the low prices and generally decent quality, such street vendors typically generate solid revenue to the underground economy. Gee do ya think the MPAA can read? Why don’t they just give the people what they want a good product at a fair price. TOO BAD IT WILL NEVER HAPPEN BECAUSE THIS PEOPLE ARE SUCH IDIOT’S.!!!


While sitting and reading this I can only imagine what the outcome would be if they tried this in South Africa (where I’m from) Week 1: Catch a hand full of people… Week 2: Remove cloths, socks and other items from cameras obstructing the view. Week 3: Replace all the cameras because they have been smashed. Week 4: Replace all the cameras because they have been stolen. Week 5: Give up… We have SAFACT here and they are almost as bad as the MPAA or RIAA, except there corrupt, it would just be a big joke at the end of the day.


the reason people not buying legit dvds is the price; i personally only buy few dvds, but usually i regret as i don’t usualy feel the worth for the price i paid. i mean simpsons season one show was more than 40usd! & the quality of the meida was sucky too with many warnings & commercials i cannot skip btw, people of CA, good job to elect arnold as your gov; no wonder mpaa is paid well by CA people