The MPAA and RIAA warn college of file sharers



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Wow this is first, the MPAA and RIAA warning people before they sue them! Looks like they are trying to give students a chance before suing them for all they have…

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I think the college president should ask the RIAA/MPAA a few questions. If the students were proven to have shared, not suspected of sharing, do you think the RIAA/MPAA would be quite as lenient? Personally, I think the RIAA/MPAA are attempting the same old intimidation tactics on people they “suspect” but cannot conclusively prove guilty.


This a side of the MPAA and the RIAA I for one would like to see alot more of! I dunno about that. It’s certainly a step in the right direction, but the way I read it they do not have concrete proof. They only suspect 21 students of filesharing, but they already demand them to stop it. It’s still the same old **AA who sued two grandmas, one with a mac and another dead for twenty years. I don’t know about i2hub, but as far as the regular connection goes, if you are using regular ethernet connection only and do not want access to your uni account, your IP is dynamically generated and you are completely anonymous (just think of laptop users that are so common on campuses today) so there is no way to track the real id.


I don’t think the MPAA and RIAA are known as great friends of entertainment fans, consumers or artists. Given the track record of these organizations I am a bit of a skeptic where this strategy is concerned. I do know that if the MPAA and RIAA ever intend to rebuild bridges this is a starting point. I don’t think it takes a consulting team to calculate the negative impact of all these suits against file sharing enthusiasts. With the courts recently putting a leash in the broadcast flag issue with the FCC and reluctance to put a “welcome mat” out for the entertainment industry I do think the MPAA and RIAA have to do something differently. Surely there have to be legislators who are growing weary of decades of whining by the entertainment industry. Knowing that no matter how many laws are passed the entertainment industry never stops pushing for self serving legislation, this constant manuevering has to have an adverse effect - even with the flood of money that is put behind the effort to create additional protections and shore up profits through legislation. I do understand the industry need for protection, but the strategies that have been employed against the file sharing public seems contrary to practices designed to build positive relationships and nuture support. The MPAA and RIAA have gotten themselves into a position that has the public looking for alternatives. Anyone who remembers that corporate giant who used to be the only phone company in town will also remember how fast consumers ran to alternatives when legislation and massive government intervention made them available. When governments start looking closely at how music and audio/visual entertainment distribution is controlled by a few perhaps we will see legislation that opens the door to viable alternative business models and competition. I think this is a positive move by the MPAA and RIAA, but I am not convinced that the motivation behind it is based on a desire to be reasonable and fair. Time will tell, but I am sure, in hindsight, all suits will not have served the industy in a positive way.


Damned hypocracy!!! from the former who shifted their entire operation to the west coast do avoid paying copywrite and the latter who demand retribution from filesharers yet think nothing of underpaying or not paying the contributing artists their dues. Now with their spindoctors in schools and scout organisations they dare take the moral highground. Their bombast and avarice will be their downfall… :X