The movie Steel Magnolias, audio playback problems!

I’m using DVD Decrypter& DVD2SVCD and I’ve burned this movie at 4x using Imation media. When I play the movie on my home dvd player, I CAN’T hear the characters speak but I hear bits& pieces of the music:confused: I tried TDK media and I’m getting the same results! So what am I doing wrong? I burned bin& cue format using BurnAtOnce 0.91. This is the first time I’ve ever encountered audio playback problems using DVD2SVD.

Shoebedobedoo :cool:

Does the mpg file play okay on the PC? What about the burnt CD, how does it play also on the PC?

The extracted Audio files that DVD2SVCD extracted, are you able to play them on your PC as well?

Are you sure you told DVD2SVCD to extract the correct audio track?

1)The MPEG file plays on my pc but with the same audio playback problems.
2) The burned cd’s have audio playback problems on my pc as well.
3) The seperate audio file DVD2SVCD extracted has audio playback problems too.
4) After loading the ifo file, the dvd audio was encoded in AC3 ( 6channel) as most newer dvd’s. Some older dvd’s are audio encoded AC3 2 channel. I saved the in Misc. (default output folder) named Steel_Magnolias.

I’ve encoded this movie 2x now and don’t have a clue why I’m having audio playback problems :confused:
The only “problem” might be that I enabled “stream processing” on both encodes?

Shoebedobedoo :cool:

So the extracted audio file plays back with the same problem, then I suggest you try extracting the audio AC3 track out again using another program. Either DVDDecryptor but un Stream Processing mode and Demux option for the audio track selected (unselect even the viseo track) or vStrip or any other program that can do it. Check that this file is okay playback. Use BeSweet to convert the AC3 to an MPA at the data rate you want (160, 192 or 224 or whatever) Then rename that file to Extracted_Audio_1.mpa and copy to your Magnolia folder and run DVD2SVCD In Misc hit the Recover button and select Mux and “Mixing & Cutting” option. It will then mux the video to audio and cut the file as per original setup, even make cue/bin files if thats what you selected.