The Movie Attack Force.. Cannot Ripp?

HI ALL several folks says they cannot ripp the movie Attack Force ( a Steven
Seagal new movie). They are using clone dvd & any dvd and reports that the copy warning shows up on the dvd disc after ripping the movie to the hard drive & burning it out on to a dvd disc. And also reports that it will play in the dvd tv player but will not play in the computer dvd burner or dvd rom. So I’m here to see what’s going on. :rolleyes:

A bit of a Google Search link is at the bottom of that thread.

I saw this movie yesterday dont know if it has been ripped from region 1 or not
but the quality was excellent good film as well thanks silversurfer

just checked on pay usa and this film is on release in the states on the 12th of december so the 1 that i watched must have been a cinema pirate ok

Couch potato,
From what ive read, Anydvd and Ripit4me cannot rip this dvd yet.
The only thing that works so far is to use Dvdfab Decrypter, in the [B]movie only [/B] mode., which can be gotten at under free stuff.

Hey, how’d ya find that out about Movie Only mode? (That’s the same as Main Movie mode, right?)


I misspoke, should have said Main Movie mode.
How i found out was that I read it worked on another forum, then tried it myself, and it worked for me.
The movie wont win many awards, plus the quality of original is poor, with poor audio syns. I think i may have wasted some money on this movie. :bigsmile:

Thanks for the confirmation.

Hey, don’t feel bad about the movie - at least you learned something out of it. :slight_smile:

If you happen to remember that link, could ya post it so we can see the thread?


Heres requested thread. See Post #1, next to last paragraph of this post.

Thank you very much. :slight_smile: