The most you have ever paid for an optical drive?



saw the computer prices in the "wow… " thread and i started thinking back on my first foray’s into the optical storage world.

here is my first and possibly shortest lived drive. i bought it in august it had failed by january and the warranty was only 6 months long. they wanted me to wait until february to get the replacement which would have meant the replacement would have convienently been out of warranty… while awaiting delivery i bought a replacement at a local retailer and returned to them the broken one (they were suprised to see me back 5minutes after purchasing but said nothing and just accepted the return) it functioned as sorrily as the original and soon thereafter i sold it. i still have discs that it burned and wonder of wonders they are still readable. it was a rebadged phillips 3610


The 3610? That was my first drive, what a horror :slight_smile:

I think I payed most for my third drive: the first Plextor 12x CDRW drive (PX-12432-TS if I remember correctly). I remember paying DM 960 for it, that’s about €520! The thing didn’t even last a year (under heavy use)!


after selling that one at about a $99 loss i stepped up from the 2x cdr world to the 4x world. for this drive i had to get a pcmcia scsi card as i was using it with a laptop. total price over $500, but man was it worth it. this was a teac r55s and if you remember back in the day this was a seriously good reading as well as writing drive. i had whole days where this thing never stopped writing. with it i went from 37 minutes a burn a cd to 15-17. i killed it by leaving it running blindread for 17 hours (don’t ask) trying to read a game disc to be able to copy it. i sent it in to smart and friendly and it was replace literally the day before they closed forever.


and all i have of my step up to the 8x world is this bezel reciept. since i resell most of what i buy i am betting that it went with the drive. my 8x plex internal scsi was from what i recall just a bit lower than the 4x above. it ran something like 385 and the scsi card was 65 and the black bezel 27 so 477. i didn’t kill this one in 3 years of near constant burning. so in 16 months i spent nearly $1400 for 3 cd burners that were 2x 4x and 8x speed…


First CD-writer was a Richoh Single speed… De weight was enormus, so as the casing…

Can’t rember the exect price… But it sure was over € 1250,-

Next one a Yamaha double speed, also external SCSI, I believe it was € 1000,-

I’ve spend a fortune on this kind of machines… even so on Syquest 80 en 200 MB, MOD 230MB, IOMega jazz drive… :frowning:


750€ for a yamaha 2x (scsi with a caddy)


in 1997, my sony cd-r burner, scsi 2x…$500au…and we bought 20 discs for $100…kodak…damn…everythin was expensive then!


The most I have paid for an optical drive was 400000 Italian liras (206,58 euros - 260,44 $). It was a WAITEC 2x2x6 cd-burner, bought in 2000. It was one of the very first burners which people could afford. I had bought it to make backup copies of my dad’s documents and my games, but I soon realized that it wasn’t even able to burn subchannels so the second aim was impossible :slight_smile:

It lasted about a year, then I replaced it with a SAMSUNG 12x12x32 cd-rw which was able to burn subchannels and which I used till winter 2003. I have replaced it with another samsung I own, but now I have 3 cd-burners (a PIODATA 16X DVDRW, a SAMSUNG 52x32x52 and a Plextor PlexWriter Premium).


About US$300 (for Teac and Plextor CD writers.)

For DVD writers, NEC ND-1100A IO Data version for about US$300.


A Pioneer A03 DVD drive, i think it was about £230. I upgraded that to a Pioneer 106 and still had that drive when i joined cdfreaks. After joining i bought a NEC ND-2510.
I no longer have any of those drives.


€ 350 or so for the first standalone Mustek DVD player.


What impresses me the most is that cnlson still has (images atleast) all his receipts. Holy crap, I wish I could be a 10th that organized.

Being that I hate spending lots of cash on brand new technology where you pay through the nose…I usual wait a couple product generations or get a generation back…my first cdrw was a 4x speed acer that I think I got from best buy for $100 US. I can’t quite remember my first dvd burner, but I think it was only a 2.4x dvd+rw (only) which was around $180.


~US$300 for the Plextor 708UF External when it came out at Best Buy…


More than $400 for HP CD Writer M820e:

slim :cool:
external :cool:
SCSI/PCMCIA for laptop. :cool:
1999. :cool:
Burn @4x :frowning:

Still have it, complete with box manual etc. Anyone? :stuck_out_tongue:


I think my most expensive optical drive was a HP SureStore 8210i I think it was (4x4x24x) which was about £220 I seem to remember, just after I bought my extortionately expensive top of the range PIII500 based computer.

Whats more I still have it and it still works :slight_smile:


YEAH! well look closely… that was even worse, it was the external version and it used the parallel port for it’s connection. at the time i also had a parallel port scanner. i had to switch back and forth and change the parllal port type in the bios, then delete it in device manager, then have it redetect all to switch back and forth between the 2 devices and if i forgot one step i would lose a $2 disc.

my favorite memory of this drive is that just as i started burning (remember 38-40 minutes for a full cd) and the power went out. the drive and laptop werre plugged into a UPS which had about a 10 minutes reserve with a computer plugged in so i quickly unplugged the laptop and let it run on battery BUT the buffer began marching downward as the laptop lowered performance on battery (remember with those old drives you used to see your disc going to the dark side? the percentages would so slowly march down to a buffer underrun 91,93, 88, 86 82, 85, 87, 73, and so forth until if was 1 second from finishing and boom it hits 0 and you scream NOOOOOOOO) so i had to use the function keys and force it to max performance and the laptop battery was at about 1/2 full so it was a race to see which would run out of power first. the pitifully beeping UPS or the laptop which started beeping at 20% charge and started beeping insessantly at 10% both ended up dying about 3 mintes after the disc was done and i think i prayed to every deity ever conceived in human experience to let me sucessfully finish the burn.


Texel, which IIRC merged with another company and became Plextor. IIRC I paid $700 for the cd burner with some software.


The most I have ever payed for a new Optical drive was in 1998 when i bought a SONY CDU948S external for about 60000yen with SCSI card included. The most i payed for a optical drive a used Sony CDW-900E cost me over 120000yen and another 50000yen for overhaul (bought last year). Well if you dont trust me: Yahoo Auctions Japan:��������E&auccat=0&alocale=0jp&acc=jp
The most I payed for a DVD-R drive is 10000yen for a Plextor PX-708 which i bought last year. All drives i have still work fine.


tigerman8u> Texel was the brand name of Shinano Kenshi before it changed to Plextor. It was in the beginning of the 90’s when they changed name.
Btw the first CD-R drive from Plextor/Texel was a Ricoh OEM.


£273 for HP7200 CD-RW 2 speed write in 1998. I think the CDs I bought with it were about £3 each. Those were the days.

It’s actually in my pile of bits to get rid of.