The most expensive Premium ever?

Certainly the most expensive I’ve ever seen:

I’ll sell mine for 25% off of that price :bigsmile:

Damn :eek:…we should keep an eye on it and see how much it goes for :wink:

huh i spent way less than that…

The thing I can’t figure out is there are plenty of them for sale for just over $100 on Ebay. So why are people even making offers to this seller? :confused:

I just bought a Premium for $39… :clap:

hopefully it will last longer than the Liteon I had before that, which only lasted 15 minutes… :rolleyes:

:clap: Come over to the Premium 1 and 2 thread when you get it. Link is in my sig.

If you look at the offers, you’ll notice this has been for sale since Dec '06 !!

575 Bucks… :eek: … no way!

Even if this drive is new, I’d buy 5 Premium II drives for this money and save the remaining 75$ :cool:

$100 each Premium II ??? is this retail ???

No it is a bulk in the brown box only with PlexTools. I did not find here in Germany a retail of the Premium II. I paid 99EUR for my Premium II. But since I have a Nero boxed with my PX-760A I use my Premium Ii with this Nero version too :iagree:

Thanks for info TM :bow:
and how about your Plextor PX-W2410TA ???
I plan to get this Drive

I should still work, when I changed this drive in my old machine for my Premium (one) I became retirement state. When I used this drive in the past I never had problems with it, that is the reason I still have it. I’d never throw a working Plextor away :disagree:
When I have time I’ll check this drive and I’ll make a burn or two. I’m not sure if such an old drive works in an external USB case. But since my Premium is also not new I think it will work. I don’t know if a thread like “Post your Plextor PX-W2410TA quality scans here” exist, I did not search. It would be cool to open such one… :cool:

Thanks for info TM :bigsmile:
I order PX-W2410TA & PX-W1610TA when I got it
I will post scan :iagree: