The most embarising thing you have ever done

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If the title isnt enough you can tell people what the most embarassing thing you have done to date is…

I suppose i should start,

In middle school i threw half a brick (litterally not figureativly) up into a horse chestnut tree and inadvertantly ended up below the brick it then falling and hitting me square on the head, giving me a cut that needed 6 stiched and a 2 day long soak for my light grey school top and white longsleve shirt…(blood has a habit of staining things).

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Yeah well…more than enough stories in fact, but you can have this one:

A couple of years ago, early one evening I was walking through a packed narrow café-pedestrian area, a hundred or so mostly professional people sitting around quaffing their after-work beers, coffees etc and people watching as they like to do here in Germany…when 2 young ladies who work at a local, rather exclusive bar, dressed in promo t-shirts two sizes too small and handing out flyers to males, appeared walking towards me. Suddenly one saw me and yelled “Dean” rather loudly and dashed through the audience and hugged me.

There was nowhere to hide.

Nice, but…


ok just to put another here so dean can add his life story…

Shortly after ^^incedent (about 3 months) i decided it would be a good idea to swin (monkey bar style) on my corner shelf…unfortuantly i forgot that it wasnt nailed down and anded up with me on my ass and the TV (was on said shelf) on my bed next to me, this being all good…i looked in the mirror to find the back of the tv had cut my forehead and part of my nose… making it look like a radiator…from a car.

Some people are accidents waiting to happen…YOU mate…ARE an accident.

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Di was about 10y doing tricks on her bycicle in front of cool dudes from school. :cool:

was a gravel road . shidded on loose stones and endid up in a ditch :sad: minus skin missing from both palms :o

[B]This old bag [/B]has lots of :o moments but never give 2 sherberts what people thought :stuck_out_tongue: :bigsmile:

I suppose it’s by far not my most embarising moment, but here’s one that comes first to my mind:

At a metal festival, the less crowded part of the audience far away from the stage, me and my girlfriend of that time were having some “adult private time”. Not exactly aware of what was happening around us and we didn’t really care. I vagely remember “clicks” of photocamera’s (digital camera’s were not that common yet at that time) and laughter from people taking pictures of us. I also remember some smartass lightly “kicking” me in the back but we didn’t react to all this.

The next day my dad asked me how we enjoyed the festival and if we met someone familiar.
“Oh it was fairly good but we didn’t see any familiar faces”.

“Well, it might help if you’d look behind you when I kick you in the back while me, your mother and our neighbours are standing behind you”.

One day when bike riding, my pant leg got caught in between the chain and sprocket. There were four of us riding. I walked my bike home and my mom comes out to the front yard and tries to free my Levi pant leg. So two neighbor moms come over to check it out and they all jump in. Naturally, the solution was for me to take off my pants so that they could accomplish the task. By that time all the girls had come over to look too! That is the fastest you will ever see an eleven year old kid dash into the house.

i am not an acident old man but you could say that i caused a fir few…

Ppl need to keep writing though thus here we go again…riding a bike one of the girls i know was riding behing all i see as i glance back is her tring to look like hitler… half a second later i have to glance back to see no bike and no girl. i stoped turned around to watch as the girl climed out of the hedgerow and pulled the bike out after her, for some reason i found it hard to ride in a straight line for half the journey home.

On about bike one other that belive it or not hurts… i dont advise this to anyone,

One of the more painful of my early years was the fact that i had my bike in my room when i was young and as a result it bacame one of my many toys… this being the case it was usually a steering wheel of some kind. This said one day had the bike off to the right of me and playing with the pedals and the front wheel next thing i know my middle finger is caught between the chain and the main cog on the front gear i shout to mum and she tells me you cant pull it out the same way it went in (now i would like to say when you dont know you have an injury you dont feel it, by now i knew about the finger and it was killing me. So putting it through another half turn was a decidedly bad idea at that point at least to me) thus mother forced the finger through the last half turn and me haaving to pull my finger out of th cog as it was wedged and following this a trip to the hospital to get it put in a rather annoying bandage and a few days off school…

i was always in trouble at school for not paying attention to what i was to be taught.

Probably not my most embarrassing moment, but this past year i was ice skating with my friends…on my last lap i thought i was getting good (i am a newb) so i went a little faster and survived up till about 20 feet from the exit at which time i slowed down and went slowly the rest of the way. After about 5 feet of going slow, i lost my balance and neglected to use my hands to stop, doing a direct faceplant onto the ice. Before I even knew what happened there was a guy there helping me up asking if i was alright. I was in a daze and said simply “help me get to the exit” so he did and we went to the medic where he spent like 10 minutes cleaning up my bashed up face. All my friends now make fun of me whenever we consider going ice skating and I have a big scar on the bridge of my nose where i sliced it open and bled profusely.

There are pictures of my face somewhere on this site already, but if anyone wants to see it, i will upload it again.

I wrote this in an email to a student today

Thank you for the info…really excellent.
We can talk about tit (and the text language issues) on Friday

I suspect he is looking forward to the lesson :doh:

I suspect he is looking forward to the lesson :doh:[/QUOTE]

LOL!! :bigsmile:

Well the most embarrasing thing [and the stupidist] was
when I sent a woman flowers at work [this was years ago]
I was trying to hit on. She not only threw them at me,but
I was schmuck of the month for a while.

[quote=deanimator;2128382]I wrote this in an email to a student today

I suspect he is looking forward to the lesson :doh:[/quote]

Me to:bow::bigsmile:


[quote=deanimator;2128382]I wrote this in an email to a student today

Thank you for the info…really excellent.
We can talk about tit (and the text language issues) on Friday
I suspect he is looking forward to the lesson :doh:[/quote] At least you did your breast. :wink:

[QUOTE=DrageMester;2128404]At least you did your breast. ;)[/QUOTE]

Oh…that was bad :stuck_out_tongue:

[quote=Arachne;2128418]Oh…that was bad :p[/quote] Glad to get that off your chest? :bigsmile:

[QUOTE=DrageMester;2128423]Glad to get that off your chest? :bigsmile:[/QUOTE]

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All I can SAY is you 2 have made my DAY .

I’ve done a ton of embarrassing things, but one that really stands out is in 7th grade after class, I was asking my science teacher for a ditto copy of some paper, instead of ditto I accidentally said “Can I have the dildo?” She looked at me funny and handed me the ditto.:o:o:o