The most dangerous download of all

Using online music services to share songs without paying for them may be illegal, but casual users don’t usually find themselves under the steely gaze of an angry recording industry executive. Unless Dad is the head of Warner Music Group.


:cool: :cool:

Now that’s just plain old funny!

lmao that is really funny…

Bastard let his children off the hook. :a

If it was you or me who were caught downloading illegally, we’d be looking at a multi-million dollar/pound lawsuit and a prison sentence.

This guy is probably the biggest hypocrite in the music industry. :doh:

He should sue himself for letting his children commit piracy! :stuck_out_tongue:

exactly …but its the old addage…do as i say …not as i do…(or let my children do in this case)

I think Mel Brooks said it best: “It’s good to be the king!”

Oh geeze . . .