The most basic question

OK, I guess this is the most obvious question but i just want to see the answer stated in writing, since i haven’t yet seen it stated in this forum anywhere (cause it must be so obvious nobody bothers to ask it!).
Q: When one wants to copy/create a dvd (and after doing all the ripping and removing unnecessary stuff, steps etc) you can only burn the dvd using a dvd burner - right? (ie. you can’t use a cd burner because a CD burner is a different animal altogether, correct?)


Of course, that’s why these things are called “dvd burner”

surely you are pulling our leg!

DVD movie = dvd writer.:o

you can convert it to svcd or vcd then burn with a cd writer but you will need a few discs

are you talking about a dvd movie or game? if its a movie you copy to dvd or make a vcd or svcd to go on a cd. if you are talking about a game then ripping is used to remove the bulky movies and burn to a cd.

a DVD burner will burn DVD’s.
a CD burner burns CD’s.

i dont think CD burners do DVD’s :slight_smile:

But Sony and a select few manufacturers make a drive

Here is a link that might be useful

That one does dvd and cdrw discs. The downside is that the drive is about $599 USD.

Still pricey…

A DVD burner usually can burn CDs, but they have no extra features, so to say.

E.g. my Pioneer DVR-A03 can write CD-R 8x, but not RAW-DAO or RAW-DAO.

The big difference between CDR and DVD-R (DVD-RW/DVD+RW) is the capacity. If the amount of data on a DVD is smaller (or equal)than the capacity of a CDR you can fit it perfectly on a CDR.

When using a CDR version of a DVD, many players will not know how to handle this disc: although the format is DVD, the disc is burned as a CD. That may be confusing for quite some hardware!

Thanks to All. [i did say the question was basic!, & i wasn’t pulling your leg, i just needed to understand the concept…being new to all this ]. Yes Breezy i was referring to DVD movies, and although i was aware you could convert a dvd movie into a VCD or SVCD i guess I was hoping that once you use that ripping and converting s/w the difference between a CD-R and DVD-R would end there, and from there you could just write to CD-R or DVD-R using another s/w independant of the hardware. I guess I now know that the concept of DVD (and similarly CD) involves 3 things: a) Hardware, that reads or writes the media b)Software to decode/encrypt the media, and c) the media itself ie the DVD discs or CD discs. None of the three can be used interchangeably, unless you are changing the format (eg DVD to SVCD). I hope all this i am assuming to be correct is in fact correct. Thanks. :slight_smile: