The most awesome videogame has at least a lot of

There are a lot of videogames lately. What does the most awesome videogame at least contain?

Duh! Dragons, obviously! :smiley:

Weapons of course! :stuck_out_tongue:

What I’m looking for is plenty of mutli-player-weapon-heavy-midget-ninja-gameplay action with loads of save points, for when I get my ass kicked by weapon-wielding-midget-ninjas.

Some witches, dragons and zombies would be good too, but maybe as special bonus levels or secret unlock areas. :cool:

Forgot, about samuris. Should include some of them for the complete ninja butt kicking experience.

Yeah. And zombies. Mwahahahahaha!


If you get ticks like that from playing your games or visiting CDFreaks, you need to STOP IMMEDIATELY and seek medical help! :cop:

…or is there a ticking bomb in here? :eek:

Nah, Airy’s just got ticks, my cat occasionally gets them from lying in long grass. I recommend veterinary attention. :bigsmile:

I guess Baz had better tell the truth when in long grass if he wants to avoid the ticks! :stuck_out_tongue:

Yay! Achieved complete off-topicness within 9 posts in this thread! :bigsmile:

Nasty buggers those. Ticks I mean. Still havent made up my mind on veterinaries. I had tics and a tick and I didnt like either very much, although the tick were more immediately scary. I will come again if I pick up any more ailments with grammatical similarities.

Levels. Extra Levels. Lots of extra levels.

UT2004 - tons of free extra levels.

LOTR BFME II - I’m finding more and more free skirmish levels.


Levels … i don’t care about … but midgets, zombies, witches & soldiers are all very cool … err … that’s almost Serious Sam2.

You forgot funky weapons … my favourite remains the flak cannon … there’s nothing like flying gibblets fully rendered in 3D :wink: