The Messangers Back Up Problem

I recently bought a copy of the messangers,and tried to make a back up
using dvd fab. What happened was it copied the subtitles fine ,logos,and
all that but, when it played the movie I,noticed little square distortions.
I think sony is up to their old tricks again.

The Messengers

June 9th, 2007
DVDFab Platinum Updated!

New: Added support for new AACS protection as found on HD-DVD “Matrix 2 and 3” (US).
New: Added support for a new CORE X2 protection as found on “The Final Countdown” (R2, Czech).
New: Updated language files.
Fix: A crash problem when opening HD-DVD in certain cases.
Fix: A crash problem when copying DVD in certain cases.
Fix: Over-compressed problem when copying “The Messengers” (US) in “Full Disc” mode.
Fix: Video is missing in the end when using 2-pass encoding mode for “DVD to Mobile”.
Fix: 24-bit 96kHz LPCM audio cannot be converted for “DVD to Mobile”.

I have installed and I’m having a problem with this same movie. It acts as though to make the back up fine, but then the disk will not play or be recognized as the movie it’s self. Anyone else having that problem?

I’ve backed that movie up but movie only no prob. :doh: :clap:

Same here. Did it in customize with the no previews and extra’s checked and it made a perfect back up. ~ Mike

zap, please try, the over-compressed problem is fixed.

c-no2u, I think your problem is caused by media, please check if your PC can play the backup disc.

no when it does that the pc won’t even recognize the disk, but I have tried different dvd’s to burn on and they all respond the same on certain movies. I did try this particular movie as full disk and failed then I retried as movie only and it went thru okay. I’m actually having a problem backing up a movie I bought tonight called Norbit. It will not burn at all … goes like 20% into the writing process and then says writing failed.

Once again I can say I backied up Norbit (Movie only)( just fine no prob, :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap:

Thanks very much for the info. Problem solved.
You guy’s are the best
Grateful ZAP EM.

You are very welcome.

Excellent!. You guy’s have great innovation. Region free great idea!.
Thanks ZAP EM.