The maximum possible speed for buring dual layer DVDs

Alright, this came up in another thread and I thought I’d ask here so as not to take the other thread off topic:

I know that the maximum speed for burning DVD+R and DVD-R discs is 16x.

Now, is the maximum speed for DVD+R DL and DVD-R DL 8X? That’s what some other people said. Is there any reason why the DL discs can only achieve 8X and not 16X? I assume it has something to do with the two layers.

Max on current drive is around 4x to 5x. I think this year we will see speeds of 6x and/or 8x. :slight_smile:

I also heard DL max of 8x, I thought 16x burning was the limit, simply beacause of the transfer rate on IDE, DL just writes twice as much data, I cant see why it needs to be half the speed.

Sorry, to make it clear, I’m talking about maximum theoretical speed. I know that people say there won’t be burners that can burn DVD+Rs and DVD-Rs faster than 16X.

So I was wondering what the maximum theoretical speed for DVD+R DL and DVD-R DL was, and I’ve heard people say 8X. I’m just wondering why it’s 8X and not 16X.

Ah sorry. You’re right…I can only say that 16x is the theoric max speed for DVD±R since the drive would have to spin really fast to burn with higher speeds (as in CD’s, max of 52x writing - which doesn’t burn the media that well…).

For DL, I presume the max will also be 16x, with special media. I don’t see companies stopping dvd writing technology so fast (remember, this year we probably reach the 8x level of DL writing and already are on 16x - max - dvd±r speed).

Yeah, that’s what I was confused about. Someone said this in another thread:

So far only 8X maximum has been discussed (and demonstrated) for DVD+R Double Layer discs…

I took this as meaning that 8X would be the maximum DL speed.

I truly hope not, and it doesn’t really make any sense. Companies plan this speed increase carefully because of the marketing…and they will get 16x out for DL, I’m sure/hope :stuck_out_tongue:

not even dual-layered read speeds are as high as 16x, so unless that happens, write speeds can’t get that high. in theory, the highest write speed will be whatever the highest read speed is.

Yeah, but normally it’s media’s fault/limitation and not optical drive laser problem. With a bit of work from both sides, we could DL as high as with 16x …i think.