The Matrix!



hmm…juz need some help with an assignment, dun see lectuer until few days so i was hopin u guyz cud lend me a hand :d

well, in the lecture slidees it shows u how to overcome the limitation of a crossbar matrix system, by breaking it into several stage link system, in one example breaking it into a two stage link system. however i’m not quite understanding it and was wonderin if anyone wud know. for example converting a 24 x 24 into a two-stage link system, oh yea…btw…i’m talkin bout like drawing it… thanks…:)…and please S.S dun give me crap again :wink:


Do you mean breaking down a matrix like below?

|a11 a12 a13|
|a21 a22 a23| = a11|a22 a23| - a21|a12 a13| + a31|a12 a13|
|a31 a32 a33|      |a32 a33|      |a32 a33|      |a22 a23|

I’m not going to show you how it goes with a 24x24 matrix, since that’s way too much work. :slight_smile:


hmm…dun understand that…we do matrices for maths…but it’s not with equations in communications…hmm…like for example a 8 x 8 matrix cud be broken into 2 groups of 4 x 4 which then goes to 2nd stage of 4x4


Hmmm… that’s a trick I don’t know. I’m not that great with mathematics, so I’m afraid I can’t really help you any further. :frowning: But I’m sure it can be found somewhere on the Internet.


NO wonder you had great grades…!! you had everyone do your work for you!!!

get off your bum and do it yourself… :iagree:

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hmmmm silly me i thought it was a film :confused: just shows i dont know everythink :disagree:



Me too-eh!!

Even OF’s learn something new every day-eh!


NO wonder you had great grades…!! you had everyone do your work for you!!!

hmmmm…i guess u think u gotta get through with no help, hey? and missy, hmmm…i dun think ppl help me with exams :smiley:


wot eva! lmao so did ya get what you were looking for.?