The Matador using 2 different brands of DVDs

Here’s results using the same programs (CloneDVD2 and AnyDVD on The Matador. One using a Verbatim DVD-R 16X disc and the other using a Memorex DVD+R…unbelivable the difference in quality between these discs…

Ouch, that CMC scan is ugly :eek:

I have some M01s here, only tried them on the LG4163B so far. Your post has me wondering what my other drives would make of them!

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LOL, I didn’t realise where this thread was…I clicked from the main forum page :o

I think your LiteOn 1633 drive may be “magnifying” the difference in quality between these discs by having good support for the Verbatim MCC 03RG20 discs and bad support for the Memorex CMC MAG M01 discs.

Then I suppose EVERY drive “magnifies” certain brands then, huh?

I meant 2 different brands of media, not -R’s in the subject…sorry

I think you missed my point.

Your comments are about the quality of “the discs”, but that’s not what you “measure” in those scans. :disagree:

What you’re measuring is the whole combination of media, burner, firmware and scanning drive, and without varying all of these parameters individually, blaming everything on just one factor (the discs) is merely conjecture.

It’s possible that those same discs would burn well in another burner, and the LiteOn 1633S with BS0Y firmware isn’t capable of burning them well.

It’s also possible that you are right in thinking that the discs are bad, and that they would turn out badly in any other burner.

Your two scans are not enough to know for sure what the problem is.

I meant 2 different brands of media, not -R’s in the subject…sorry

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For example…even though my Infiniti-branded M01s burn well on my 4163B…I could burn them in my Litey, and it might make mincemeat out of them :wink:

You are fortunate cos I had terrible results with Imation M01s on my GSA-4163 but my Pioneeer@111L burns them rather nicely. So far, the M01s are too variable for my liking but they are the cheapest 16x ‘branded’ discs around.

i get similar results although not as bad as his but pretty bad… here is a scan of what i got… that scan was done roughly around the same time it was initially burned.

it was burned @ 16x … the Memorex disks where rated @16x to … although those same disc get WAY better in burn quality if u drop down to 8x burn speed… @ 8x there quality is ALOT better… basically all within what is generally considered a good burn.

The results are just normal, if you’d ask me…

Poor support by the burner does not equal poor media. Put the same discs in a drive that properly supports them and problem solved. Some of the older drives in particular have poor support for CMC. :frowning:

Yeah, I’ve said before…my old Litey 851@832 hated CMC. Well, the E01 variety, anyway.

Wow, MacClipper - guess I am fortunate! I have some TDK M01s here too, this thread has made me want to try them on the two drives fitted currently (1650 and 1635S).

Maybe I’ll posts results if they’re spectacular enough (in a good or bad way).

Well said there, indeed the Pioneer@111L v8.19 can burn the M01 very nicely but then again, with the same burner I have seen very occasional sub-par burns from the very same spindle too. As I had said, too variable for my liking.

Arachne, somehow my LG 4163 truly and equivocally detest the Imation M01 batch I have and now I have to rely on the Pioneer to plough thru’ that 100 pack. My DW1640, which loves CMC E01s, burns this M01 media with very inconsistent results, even with Solidburn enabled.

Oh well, it is rather cheap.

Imation CMC MAG M01, definitely one of the better burns I have seen on this media. Nero file compilation burn done at 12x, fw 111L v8.19.

That’s a nice burn for CMC :slight_smile:

I have about 125 M01s, I hope at least one of my drives burns them OK :doh:

like i say my PI Failures dont go above 3 if i burn those memorex 16x disc’s @ 8x… it’s only @ 16x burn speed that there very crappy… when i burn @ 8x i get pretty solid results… here is a disc scan of a memorex dvd+r i burned @ 8x…

(burned on same drive as the scan says)

as u can see from my pic above to the one here theres basically a night and day differance.