The Master Slave relationship

On another erudite forum of CDrw/DVD offerings there was a huge debate about the importance of setting drives up “correctly”.

The balance of opinion seemed to be that if one hard drive existed ie. primary master AND a CDRW and DVD drive were on the system, the DVD drive should be always Secondary master with the CDRW primary slave.

I notice in all that crap people put below their posts that many have set up the dvd as secondary slave with the cdrw secondary master?

I’ve tried my liteon 52X CDRW and 166SDVD in all the variety of permutations and it matters not a jot.


the individual drives won’t be affected provided you have fast enough cables and drives. Where you run into problems is when you want to use 2 devices on the same channel at the same time. For example, i have a 16x dvd rom set as primary slave, with the hd as master. The HD can transfer around 19mb/s (much faster than the dvd). Whenever i rip a dvd, it usually rips about 5x max because they’re on the same channel. When the dvd was on secondary master, i could rip around 13x. This is because it travels from the drive to the motherboard, then to the hd through another cable. It can go continuously. When they are on the same channel, it has to “pause” sort of. It send the data from the source drive though the cable to the mobo, then back to the destination drive on the same channel. The problem lies in the ide interface, it is simply not good at running 2 devices simultaneouslty.

BTW, for me, i have it set up PM=HD PS=DVD SM=Burner#1 SS=Burner#2.

I set up my drives after how long the cables are :slight_smile:
Primary master - 60GB HDD
Primary slave - 80GB HDD
Secondary master - LTR-40125S
Secondary slave - XJ-HD165

You are correct, it matters not. At least not for 95% of the tasks you are likely to do. On my own system, I use 2 burners, or a burner and a DVD, but i have to keep them on separate channels so I can access each one in separate applications. If i wasn’t doing that type of multitasking, I could have them on the same channel. It seems that old rumors die hard, the days of the old MB and IDE drivers are gone, but the myths about IDE setup never die.

It might be a prog w/ old P2 and K6 systems, but all the proper config for drives is irrelavent to performance. I’ve been using a pci controller to give the system 2 more channels so I can assign the 2 HDs and 2 Lite-Ons (DVD, CDRW) as Master on their own channel for the past year. Since I like my system clean, I use rounded cables, but they didn’t help due to 4 cables running around the antec mid-tower. So I pulled the pci controller out, and put all four drives on the mobo’s controller in the following fashion -

IDE1 Master: 20GB Maxtor
IDE1 Slave: 30GB IBM
IDE2 Master: Lite-On DVD
IDE2 Slave: Lite-On CDRW

Speed is the same, no lag, on-the-fly is good.