The mask

Having trouble with the movie mask any suggestions anyone. Keep getting IFO properties6 TCE

What program are you using to make the backup?

I am having the same problem. Tried using DVDshrink and DVDclone2 with AnyDVD. Any suggestions? :confused:

Via the search function I found this info:

Creation of DVD files was not succesful:IFO Properties 6TCE The meaning of this error is, that CloneDVD has detected a structural inconsistency of the input IFO files. So far, this happened only if you try to post-process Instant Copy 8 files with CloneDVD. In case of interleaved/multi-angle titles IC8 produces invalid - so called VOBU maps - with duplicated and … bad for fixing the IFO files on the fly … missing reference entries. If this happens in any other situation, please don’t hesitate to send the IFO files and a small bug-description to bugs (at) If possible, we will try to compensate these errors in future versions of CloneDVD.