The marriage of Plextor and SafeDisc 2

I just posted the article The marriage of Plextor and SafeDisc 2.

The marriage of Plextor and SafeDisc 2 ;(

Read this slowly and carefully …

Today I had a nice talk to XiT (coder from DiscDump).We talked especially about Plextor and about SafeDisc 2.First…

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Damn !!! I just ordered að 16x plextor burner straight from the U.S. and it’s arriving at the end of this week ! Does anybody know if it can copy SAFEDISC 2 or not ? this is some really bad shitting happening at Plextor ! When will the DiscDump that will be able to copy SAFEDISC 2 come out ???

It is like N.B. wrote: The problem is writing of these CDs, for reading it’s like you’re reading any “normal” SD CD… However I’m working on a way to trick those writers… :wink: XiT

Always the best r those who say to us “Farewell” :c

Good luck XiT !!! We are all standing by your side man !! Do you know anything about the SAFEDISC 2 regarding the Plextor 16x burner, plextor just released ? will it be able to copy SD2 CD’s ? -->Thanx<—

Same here XiT, good luck! If you succeed in this you’ll be forever loved cause there are a LOT of people who own a PlexWriter… like me :slight_smile:

I’ve tested it with my Plex 1210TA with old firmware v1.01. I tried “ALICE”, using CLONECD, but no success. There are still more bad sectors as on the Original. :c

Doesn’t plextor realise that by putting limitations on their drives they are really going to cut down on their sales?? It will give the other drives a leading edge and let them become superior to plextor? Someone needs to e-mail them and ask them about this cause it’s FUCKED UP!!

The Plextor R820T is the best!!!I have no problems with SafeDisk2!!!he burns everything with CloneCD so why buy a new one :slight_smile: :9 :4

go to you can find all old firmware :4

No, you can’t! The have removed all version below 1.05 for the 12/10/32A… :c

I Already got the R820T burner from Plextor and it’s true: it burns any SAFEDISC 2 game without a problem but the thing is: I just ordered the 16x plextor burner from the U.S. and it will arrive next Friday !!! I’m going the sell my 8x plextor and just hope that SAFEDISC 2 will be copy-able with the new 16x burner from Plextor! -> Will DiscDump make it ???

I have a Plexwriter 8/2/20 with the newest firmware (1.05) and have made successful copies of both RA2 and Alice (both English versions). I used CloneCD v. with only Read SC Data from Data Tracks and Fast Error Skip options checked (default Fast Error Skip settings of 0 read retries and error correction set to software). The original discs were read and extracted to the HD with my UltraPlex Wide 40X reader which has v1.04 firmware. My SCSI controller is an Adaptec 2940U2W w/ BIOS version 2.20 :stuck_out_tongue: Copies made under Win98SE. :d

On you can still download old firmware (1.01 1.02 1.04)for 12/10/32A

I still have the old 1.04 firmware for the PX124ti. I will mail it to those who needs it. :g For PX-W124TS from version 1.00

hmmmmm will I loose any functionality if I downgrade to firmware 1.01 ?

Hi guys you can find the Firmwareversion 1.01 for the Plextor 1210A at :

y is all the old Firmware unobtainable at three diff site i have visited tonite?

Hi folks, I really don’t believe that the Plextor 1210A is able to produce working backups that work in other drives that the recorder itself. It’s no firmware-problem! If you don’t believe, here you can download the <b>OLDEST</b> Plextor 1210TA Firmware, <a href=“”><b>Version 1.00</b></a>. <b>"… <i>what do you want to burn today?</i>"</b>:7