The marriage of Plextor and SafeDisc 2 #2

I just posted the article The marriage of Plextor and SafeDisc 2 #2.

I made two little tutorials for flashing the burner, and for installing & seting up CloneCD as me. So you can run the same test like me

You can find them at

Another thing I…

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This is not working for the plexwriter 12/10/32A

I know some of you still having problems :wink: Right now I setup a board just for you :slight_smile: So we can discuss this matter ! So, stay tuned, more will follow :7

I have problems downgrading the firmware on my Plextor 1210A. anybody with the same prob?

Same here. The Plex 1210a will only allow me to downgrade to firmware 1.05. Any lower and error messages appear.Firmware data error. (04-40-f5):c

P.S. Anyone any ideas…:frowning:

…thought you should also know! This problem has nothing to do with the firmware - what a sh… - It’s a pure hardware problem! There are several releases of the drives with modified componets. Before you can write Safedisc2 protected CD’s you have to know there are “evenly bit patters” on a Safedisc 2 protected CD. All data on CD have to pass the EFM-Encoder of the Writer because they have to be coded into the EFM-format before recording and that’s the point!!! Most of the recorders, also most of the Plextors seem to be overloaded by those bit-patterns and the data can’t correctly be coded! So most of you should forget about downgrading your firmware and wasting your CDR’s. :4 :4 :4

what i what to know is why does is work in the writer if the EMF-encoder does not write it to the cd Ant

Many people has doubts :wink: But plz check this link: And see for yourself … I just say: :r to Plextor !

Oh, sorry I almost fogotten :wink: One word from XiT about why it can´t be the EFM-Encoder :wink: Trust him !