The manufacturers´plan: everything you own is JUNK

Really…maybe obvious to most of you, but can we do anything about it? Or is it not a problem…?

You can do something about it. try and fix your stuff. Buy stuff that you feel is worth fixing. The guy who wrote that article seemed so fatalistic. Anyone can buy the bits for those screws. Just use Google. It takes about 2 minutes to find a vendor. At least he posted the companies name. They are meant to keep out idiots. I have run across similar screws for years in other electronic equipment, they were meant to be tamper proof. The link I posted has a history of screws. In any even, a simply nitrate coated hand drill ( not an electric hand drill, but the brass drill holder you use to drill manually) will make short work of those screws and if you get a drill with a reverse helix, if will unscrew before you drill it out. As the author points out, there are Torx heads that will work, they fit lose, but work. You can make a tool by using the shanks of number drills bound tightly together, and make a tool, you wouldn’t need 5 of them either. If they used Red Loctite on them, then you would have to drill them out, as you probably couldn’t apply heat onto the screw without damaging the case, but then again, a sharp soldering iron would apply enough pinpoint heat to allow the Loctite to loosen up. Planned obsolescence is as old as the industrial age. You should see that way they put some military electronic cases together. They rivet them. Apple blows:Z, and their market share is slipping in the U.S… “Apple Slipping” “Screw History:D” “Screw Bits”

You will not be dealing with junk if you will make it a point to assess the product completely before purchasing. Assess your needs and look for the product that can perfectly complement it.