The magical CD-R(W)?

I have a strange story to tell…

One of my CD-R’s which I know had something on it, was not spinning right for some strange reason. So I take it out, and clean it, and put it back in.

As soon as I put it back in, I see the “what to do with this blank cd” screen. I went to my computer, and found that the whole CD was EMPTY, and it had FULL free space.

Anyone please tell me what the heck is going on? I thought CD-R’s couldn’t erase things and have free space, plus, how the hell did I erase everything just by cleaning the CD?

I really dont think you erased it
If you see how a cdr works you’ll see that it is impossible
I think your drive is having problems identifying the cd

btw. what has this to do with VSO?

I once faced the same issue. Solution was to RMA my CD Writer … as it was broken ! At least try your CD-R in another drive, to check this hypothesis. Another problem can be that you CD-R is severely scratched, and that damaged sectors let it appear as blank.

I don’t see any scratches on it. And it was working 1 minute before it decided to go blank.

If you cleaned it with water, STOP drinking that water !!

Originally posted by ali001
If you cleaned it with water, STOP drinking that water !!


but try it in another drive and see if it works