The Magic of Belle Isle



I did not even know this movie was out there until this month and being a
Morgan Freeman fan I watch it. I know some think is not that good but to me it was good enough to watch a second time. There was not sex, no killing and real bad language, but it had a good feel good plot with great acting and ended good. I always tell people I go to movies to come out feeling good so I hate movies that end bad. There was one part in this movie even after watching the movie twice I still could not figure out. One of the girls finds a old lunch box after seeing a key watch. The key watch looks brand new but the lunch box looks like it had been there for years and by the story plot I think that was what they wanted you to think. I wander if they left on the film cutting floor a part of the movie that explained this. If anyone has watched this movie and knows the answer let me know. The key watch looked like this.