The lowest PIF Total anyone can get!



What is the lowest PIF Total you have ever got? This is my best so far :bigsmile:


My lowest is 20 PIF… here


@Quikee, is that scan of an Philips or NEC burn…?

I don’t care about PIF´s as long as they are in “limits” and less then 2k for full disc. :wink:
Our drives are far to inaccurate and sometimes also good lyers… :stuck_out_tongue:

BTW, can’t remember I ever burned a Yuden T02 slower then at 12x.


I can’t burn my T02s faster than 8X because of this :sad:


MHTSOS, hmm… I don’t think your BenQ is an accurate reader anyway… :confused:
Never seen that bad Qscan on any of my “crapy” Yuden T02 media.


multiply your PIFs by 8 times to get the REAL value… :wink:


I know you will all jump on me but I did buy a BenQ just so I could post in this forum so please don’t jump too hard. Just remember, the title was

“The lowest PIF Total anyone can get!”

Here is my best PIF score…total of 3.


drpino: Not true… the number of PIF and PIE is the same if scaned at 8 ECC or 1 ECC (8ECC is 1ECC+1ECC+1ECC+1ECC+1ECC+1ECC+1ECC+1ECC).

pinto2: Philips burn… the one I told you that Nec can never make such. =)

chas0039: LOL… I guess nobody can beat this. =P However LiteOns skip a lot of samples while scanning… yours skipped 18,500 samples or ~581MB hasn’t been scanned. =)


I know BenQ/Philips hanles Yuden TYG02 media good… Just pulling your leg. :bigsmile:

Don’t know how good your drive burns, but it’s definitely a bad reader.

Adding a QScan on my “worse” Yuden T02 media; Fuji branded (MIJ) provided by Fuji Magnetics GmbH /Germany. :wink:


lol chas0039, Quikee jumped faster. :slight_smile:


Agree that “the numbers” are the same. :wink:
But the final picture can differ…

Adding two KProbe scan of same disc, first scan at PI/PIF 1ECC sum and second with PI/PIF 8ECC sum.

Quikee, I have no problem to get 131k+ samples with KProbe… :stuck_out_tongue:


I said only for total count… the total count is the same… but not max PIE/PIF =)
Maybe you get 130,000+ samples… but still you lost 12,000 in the first scan what is 375 MB. =)




31 @16x on TYG02.

Don’t know the last time I burn 8x. :stuck_out_tongue:


42 @12x, TYG02. Here.


29@12x is my best record, though it had max 3 PIFs. (32@12x with max 2 PIFs is an alternative.)
I think the HOF thread has record 11 total PIFs by ggggg. I haven’t seen single digit total PIFs yet. (Counting only Benq 1620 burns.)


21 on TYG02 with LG 5163D (only 8x available).


There is (or was) a similar thread in “recording hardware forum” started by eleewhm “[Kprobe PIF Count]…come come…dvd gurus…come post your lowest PIF cOunt” where I showed my best burn on Nec =). Still my personal record in my scan collection is 13 PIF on MCC01RG20 using my LiteOn 411 (LOL). However I think I will beat this record on my Philips some day. =)


Well the last time I reported to this post my lowest was 42 (1620) now down to 13 with the 1620. Agent99, jegus and ninbang have all reported a total of PIF (amazing burns)!! With the newer burners in full swing has anything changed in the PIF department?? Have they gotten lower? Sorry about digging up an old thread but thought it may be interesting.:wink:


TY02 at 12X