The love for humans vs. the love for animals

Dogs give unconditional love ? Even if you don’t feed them ?
Nothing in life is unconditional and nothing is free.

Even though i agree that dogs are more loyal than most other animals.

actually dogs will still love you even if you dont feed them, there are many dogs that have starved to death rater than run away… :sad:

Faithful to the end. Nothing like it.

I have a cat that has been missing for 3 weeks now and it hurts me to know he most likely is dead somewhere. He was born wild outside and thus i let him live most his life outdoors. For him to be gone for 2 days at a time is rare so it’s not like he’s lost or anything. It’s been hard because he was my buddy, always meeting me in the driveway when i arrived home from work and such. Now when i come home at night there is a big void and i am reminded how much he is missed. Pets are family, it’s natural to mourn their loss.

Having had 2 grandparents and a great aunt which I was relatively close to, i doubt I have really been upset about their deaths and haven’t shed a tear, although none of their deaths were actually tragic.

When my cat died, I was in tears for days.

@Nomah, welcom to the forums.

Our names are almost the same. :stuck_out_tongue:

Hopefully you’ve found your cat be now.

I have a cat for about 2/3 months and I don’t wanna think about loosing here!

She’s always sits in the garden when I come home, wouldn’t wanna miss that, I know what you’re going through.

“You learn to love animals, when you get to know people.”

200% true claim.
I have another:
“Who does not love animals,does not love people”

People,or beings called human;most of them deseerve only one thing,depravation of oxygen.
Where as animals,any of them will respect you more than any human,for life if you give them just a meal.
They will be more faithful,than any human can,could or would for that matter.
So look at the people aruond you,with some of them you work,live,marry,take a bus,but ask yourself to how many you can trust,how many of them would stick a hand in the fire for you,and when you come to a concluson of this and the end result is the only one you can have - none,you all will learn the value of animals,and those small things they do for you,which none of the humans,or rare ones would.
Only for your love and a day meal.
THat price for what they give to you cannot be valued.

Dude, you’re killing me. :sad: Great analogy though.

Thanks for the welcome Namoh. Who’d a thunk someone else would have a name similar to that which i chose, eh? :wink:

Depends in the sort of person they are, and their intentions. :cop:

Some people need a brick, a sack and a barrel of water at birth, but unfortunately, they aren’t standard equipment in a birthing room.
Mores the pity :iagree:

I also had some time when I spent more time with dogs and cats than humans.

These days, of course I spend most of my time with my daughter, not typical for a guy who judges people by the quality and quality of knowledge one owns and grows. :slight_smile:

At first, her legs were as thin as my fingers and she ate 20-50 ml at once. Now, her legs seem as broad as my arms and she sometimes seems to eat more than I do. :slight_smile:

Wait till she hits her late teens.

No food will be safe, no chocolate will be left untouched!