The love for humans vs. the love for animals

As some of you probably have noticed, I haven’t been around too much. Being away on holidays and doing our new house are the main reasons, but there is another. Since a few days my dog has been very ill and it looks like she won’t live through the day. Besides the fact that I feel like shit now, I’m starting to realise that I care more about my dog than about people I should care a great deal about (family for instance). I somehow startled myself, as this shouldn’t be (at least, I feel this way).

Am I loosing my mind here?

No you’re not.

It’s easy to explain (I think).
Your dog is happy everytime you come home, will never cheat on you, will never do something that will hurt you.

A dog loves his boss implicitly even if you would hit him once or twice.

A dog gives love day after day after day after day … do you know any human that will do that … I don’t!!

My girlfriend just buried her rabbit which reached an age of 12 years! :bow:

She’s still not over it.

Sorry to hear about your dog. Hopefully she has no pain.

Good luck and take care.

She just died…

I feel sick

I’m sorry man. Hope she didn’t suffer.
I’d offer you some 15 year old Johnny Walker if i were around.

When you love animal more than people, go see a therapist. You need help.

I guess that none of your family members are about to die. So it’s perfectly normal you’re thinking more about your dog, instead of them at the moment. After all: dogs are mans best friend, right? Never had a dog myself, since I’m (yeah it’s a bit ironic) allergic to them. However, I love them for being the devoted creatures they are. That’s more than you can say about certain types of people.

Don’t you ever forget that dog, M8.

@Belvie: I guess I’ll be having some good malt tonight…

@Stoner: I meant some people…

@BeeR_DoG: actually one of my relatives will die pretty soon (but the person is an asshole) so I don’t feel that bad about it.

Well, one does unfortunately (in some cases) not choose ones family/relatives. It’s a different story when it comes to pets and friends, right. I’m sure your dog deserves your grief the most.

im a vegitarian soi like both, also how old was your dog Dee-ehn :sad: , and stoner no he dont need a theripist :frowning:

Have no problems with the grieving that you are going through right now.

What I have a problem with is people who get more upset about something that was done to animal then something worse done to a child. Or somebody who will chose an animal over human being unless that person is evil. :a :a

i like both the same :smiley:


I was talking more about the militant members of P.E.T.A.

12 years… but she was like a 5-year old dog, until last Saturday (according to the doc, the dog could have lived for another 4 years if she wouldn’t have gotten ill).

ok :sad: i just got a new puppy, i dunno about it coz i dont know how i will cope when it dies in like 12 years, but then again if it lived happily then its good. plus if it had lived anouther 4 years it would have suffered and got very slowly ill which woould have been worse for the dog :sad: so in a way its a good thing, oh and sorry once again for repling to very old posts :bow:

I’m sorry to hear of your loss and no of course you’re not loosing your mind, quite the opposite. A Namoh said animals give unconditional love, a quality the we, as humans, can only strive to acquire. They always love you just as you are, good mood, bad mood, no matter what. They are always happy to see you, and with them you are in a constant state of grace. My cat died about two years ago and only now am I beginning to think about getting another cat, and no, I’ll never get over him. The popular dog name Fido comes from the Latin root fidelis, meaning faithful, a well earned name.

This statement says nothing about Dee-ehn, only about the poster.

Sorry to hear that m8. :sad: :sad:

Let her R.I.P.

@Stoner, this line is for months now in my signature.
Read it and understand it!

You learn to love animals, when you get to know people.

Yes I am very sorry as well. What hurts the most is that her death was (probably) unneccesary. Her ilness was most likely caused by something she ate and if the doc we visited last sunday had taken pictures she probably could have been cured easily. I now that nothing of this is for sure, but it still drives me mad and feels fucked up.

But I better quit whining, nobody gains from that. Life goes on…

dee-ehn can u forgive me about replying to old posts? :sad:

Yes I can do so… please try to stay on topic though. If there are any questions regarding forum regulations and such, feel free to send me a PM.

dogs are great, they offer unconditional love and will stick by you nomatter what, ao sumtimes they get abused as they wont run away. humans will.