The lockdown on CD labeling

I just posted the article The lockdown on CD labeling. has an article about CD labeling, I thought for some of you this might be intresting.

If you’re still using a pen to title your CD/R-RW collection, it’s high time to upgrade…

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What makes an even better gift is if you scan the original CD and jewel case, then print it on the label. Your CD will look just like the original except the blue/gold color of the CDR on back! Label a silver CDR with a scanned copy of original CD and give it to a friend… he will even think it’s original!!!

Excuse me, I mean silver CDRW.

ever been to a LAN d00d? I have. then you copy about 100 movies and you’re very happy to have that marker! I would probably take longer to print everything, cut it, label it, … then actually writing the CD… just use cd-r(w) friendly markers and ask your girlfriend to write it :9

Although I like cd labels, I don’t think I could ever get rid of my Sharpie…

Ive been using fine and ultra fine point Sharpie markers and have never had any problems using them on CD’s… So I too am not going to let go of using them to write on CD’s. Thats my preffered method. :g :4

I really like to label my CDs, it just seems I don’t have the time to get them all done. I have stacks of burned CDs that still need to be labeled, and I keep making more and more CDs. I don’t think I will ever catch up. I do label them if they are for someone else using Feurio’s labeler since it is fast and simple.

One other note, a label will help protect the metalic layer on back of the CD, if this layer gets scratched the CD is pretty much toast. Also if you decide to use a label you MUST apply it correctly. You cannot allow any air bubbles to become trapped between the CD and label. This can be a problem if you use the CD in an in-dash CD player. What happens is as your car sits in the bright sun the temperature in the car rises and the air bubbles expand and the CD can become stuck in the player(not good). I use the sharpie markers when I don’t have time to make a label and haven’t had any problems that I’m aware of. I use Surething CD Stomper for creating labels, it does a great job and supports most labels.