The location of MB's system temperature sensor

I would appreciate if someone could tell me the exact location of the system temperature sensor on my mobo (DFI Infinity NF UltraII-M2). Here’re some more details about the board:

Its usually embeded in another chip, can you get the exact numbers on the chip below. Then we can look the chip up and see if there is a temp diode in there.

Hi, thanks for the response, the chip ID is: [B]ITE IT8266R[/B]. Acording to

it is [B]Jumper Free Overclock Controller[/B]. The location of that chip is on the right from the processor and I am assuming the system temperature sensor could be somewhere on the left from the RAM slots. I did some tests with the hand fan and I got a feeling the system temp. monitor shows lower values when the fan is directed to the upper-left corner of the board. But that’s only an anssumption :-/