The LiteON A1P series - information



Just wanted to know more information about the A1P series of burners since the codeguys “overview” hasn’t yet been updated (… mmm … about time?).

First of all - are all the A1P drives identical hardware wise [same for A1H drives]? And if so, is the LH-16A1P crossflashable with 18A1P/20A1P and or respective H models? Is there already crossflash support? Any “gotchas” in terms of eeprom backing and firmware flashing? Does FlashTool work with it?

Also, does the A1P series do DVD Scan stuff - not just the basic PI/PIF but also the Jitter, Beta, Land/Pit Histograms, TE/FE Tests? Does it overspeed and have hypertuning support?

Do they support DVD-RAM? Is stratswapping working? Read speed patches?

Just too much searching to do - hoping for quick answers, esp when you’re on 9.6Kbps dialup [bad line :(]


Ok, well I figured out they are capable of 5x DVD-RAM and after some digging also figured out that MCSE works with it [apparantly] and so stratswapping probably works but nothing in the changelogs from Codeguys in the “omnipatcher”. EEPROM utility has no convert drive option, and so maybe crossflashing isn’t ready/possible? Flash Utility doesn’t look like it explicitly says it has support for it :frowning: I’m puzzled as to whether riplock/read speed patch is OK, whether strat swap really still works, whether OHT and DVDScan work and produce valid results … someone help meee out please


Yes, the A1P/A1H drives are crossflashable. EEPROM must be patched before the crossflash, a horse-like animal with stripes is probably able to help you with that.
The A1P do scanning, overspeed and HT/OHT. :slight_smile:
They do not only 5x but also 12x DVD-RAM.


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AFAIK z. is away on vacation for one month. :wink:


I own a Lite-on LH-16W1P crossed flashed to a LH-20A1P.:slight_smile:

Like kg_evilboy said you need to talk to the animal with the black and white stripes. When he gets back from vacation.:iagree:


Thanks for the “great” hints … i’ve dealt with the stripes before re. my 1633s and EEPROM [before they release EEPROM Utility with Upgd Drive]. Nice bloke… will have to consult him when I get my delivery … Thanks for the info!