The life of DVD2One

I am just curious if DVD2One has some cool new options its holding back. I realy hope so. Because now a new Program has entered the DVD Copying arena called DVD Shrink it (found at And this program is completely free. Its options already rival that of Instant Copy. Dont get me wrong, i purchased Dvd2one, but is dvd2one going to throw in some realy remarkable options before it hits v2 and everyone has to buy the new version of dvd2one, or are you going to watch most of your users along with dvd95copy and instant copy go over to the free DVD shrink it tool? I am just asking this from the standpoint of the consumer. DVD95Copy and Instant Copy have been pretty clear about what is ahead and what to expect, but dvd2one has held the stance of secrecy (sp?). I personaly would love to be one of the ones to stick with dvd2one, but the time is growing nearer to when we all have to re-purchase dvd2one and we realy dont have a clear view of what dvd2one’s future plans are. I know this message is going to be taken all the wrong way and probably have a hostile response, but the question has to be asked, because v1.x versions are not going to be there forever and as a consumber i would like to know who my $ should be going to in the future…

Good question - I’ve thought about that too. I’ve downloaded DVDShrink but haven’t tried it yet. Maybe next weekend when my guests leave.

I’m sticking with DVD2One for now because I know what to expect. I read that DVDShrink has preset compression levels (4 of them) and the author has no plans to change that since he only has access to 1 compression routine and that’s it.

The problem with 4 preset levels is that you can’t tweak it to adjust the quality. If I have a 6 GB original, I know that I can tell DVD2One to fill my DVD+R and it’ll be fine.

However with DVDShrink, I’m afraid that the least compression (and best quality) may result in a processed DVD that’s just slightly too big to fit on a DVD+R, say 4.4 GB… my only choice is to drop down 1 level, but that compression is more and may produce something that fits but waste space, say 4 GB…

See what I mean? Now, if the author of DVDShrink can change that, then there’ll be serious competition for DVD2One, IC, and DVD95Copy.


I am with you too!!!

I had been talking about this since some time ago. The development of DVD2one has been extremely slow. Look at this new release after a month, “added the capability to choose the audio streams in the main title”, they should be ashamed!!! This should be implemented when they release version 1.1.1. They even had the insolence to suggest the use of another program to remove the audio !!!
I really think that they don’t respect their customers, they had been playing with us all this time.

I only hope that they return back my money.:a :a :a :a :a :a


I definately agree!

The development of DVD2One is really EXTREMELY SLOW! Even for a one-man project! This is very frustrating!! And unwise maybe for it’s own sake (DVDShrink and others)…

Why take new versions so long to be released?

Again no improved quality for movie-only in 1.1.2! It was already announced for version 1.1.0 I think and A LOT of users are waiting 4 it.


Oh Ye of little faith …

Why dont you let Erwin alone to weave his magic. Rome wasn’t built in a day — you know. Only a few shortmonths ago, it took many hours & head scratching, to achieve what Erwin’s proggie does in minutes. Now you want it to make the tea as well !

Erwin has done the impossible, but miracles take a little longer, so “give the man a chance”, is what I say.

You wanted Full Disk … he gave you Full Disk
You wanted Destinatin size… he gave you that too
and both within a month. If he takes his time and gets it right, most people will be happier with that, rather than a beta release that doesn’t work and is full of bugs. Just look at Bill Gates’ betas and you’ll get the idea.

For goodness sake, this program is already gr8 and it’s cheap too, so give the man a break and be PATIENT !!!

He only has his windmill generator, in Holland, so he has problems when the wind dont blow and … have you ever tried wearing cloggs all day long ? :bigsmile:

Originally posted by Milkman

I only hope that they return back my money.:a :a :a :a :a :a

Milkman [/B]

Okay let met get this straight, you bought it,used it and now want your money back?


It’s not like you can return a car after several months because the competion released a faster and cheaper car and ask the dealer for your money back.