The LG GSA-2166D Ext. LightScribe burner thread

Got hold of this latest LG external model multi-burner just a few minutes ago, thought you guys might be interested too.

More later…

True 16x burning speed achieved using USB2 connection!

RicohR03 at 16x.

PS: CD Speed v4.01 probably needs an update cos at present it seems not to be fully compatible with this burner, gives an error when any burning is attempted thus no burn curves for you guys.

Similar to the BenQ DW1625, another LightScribe burner, seems there is no official support for overspeed burning in this present firmware.

Quite new to me, unexpected completely. It looks similar in appearance to other LG external Super Multi drives from GSA-5120D to GSA-5163D. :slight_smile:

Heheh, sharp eyes, this isn’t the actual photo cos the actual burner has a LightScribe logo on the front bezel, left of the LG logo. Still, lovely looks compared to other brands. I prefer the round eject button to the new hemi-circular button of the 4165/4167.

LG GSA-2164D

8x DL

114,000 Won

Only 2164D available in South Korea, 8x DVD+R DL and 8x DVD+RW, 48x CD-R and 32x CD-RW, but without Lightscribe support. USB only, much cheaper than GSA-5163D.

Discovered something interesting tonight, the GSA-2166D seems to be the 1st LG burner in my hands which has booktype settings for both DVD+R and DVD+R DL auto-set to ROM as default in its firmware (or it kept the settings, at least). I was about to do the usual booktype to ROM in CDSpeed when I was pleasantly surprised to find it already done.

Now if only LG can do that for all future firmware and its other burners, won’t that be great? :smiley: