The legal poll

Which of the following things in the poll do you think is legal in the country you live in?

I don’t think, I just do…

Is the question meant as actually legal or perceived as legal?

What your personal opinion is, so the latter.

Singing along with Britney Spears music

Not if i had it my way :slight_smile:

Format the computers in the display of the shop

been done :slight_smile:

And don’t cheat

ok i’m thinking…singing along with Brittany Spears and Karaoke…is about it for us in the us…Changing the display i was thinking would be …kind of like shoplifting…although you didn’t move it in the store…you did alter it…(yes picking up an item and not placing it back where you got it from…you CAN be arrested for shoplifting …even though you didn’t leave the store with said item…) why do I know stuff like this?

Yes, why do you know? :cop:

i guess i remember non-essential things and the important stuff i easily forget…


like trying weed in a coffeeshop and altering it in smoke in that shop?

Holy crap! Even if you put it back almost in the right position, ie 1mm off the original position, or rotated at a slightly different angle.

God help us all.

What about if you just happen to be standing near something … and a stray wind moves one of the products on the shelf beside you … can you still be charged with shoplifting? Or maybe the dust on the shelf is moved by the wind & it gives the appearance that the product was moved?

Everyone be on the lookout for dodgy retailers that keep their windows open. The wind will move something & they will charge you with theft & sue you for every penny you earn in your entire life! Of course, if you are destined to save the earth in the far future, you may be thrown in jail, or at least be penniless & hence homeless & therefore not in any circumstance to save the world when you should be out & about! Damn!
Shoplifting laws will be the catalyst greedy shop owners need to assure the end of the world!

OMFG! I’m never going shopping again! (Not that that’s a bad thing since I hate shopping regardless).

Not that the world is gonna knock on my door to ask me to save the earth from a fate worse than death, but hell, you never know.

At any rate, anyone caught singing Britney Spear songs deserves to be the official sacrificee that will prevent the destruction of the earth, when the opportunity arises. My vote also supports anyone that listens to music by Mariah Carey :stuck_out_tongue:

“Opps I did it again”…hee hee…

no goof…about the shoplifting…if you pick up an item and then lets say get up to the cash register and decide you don’t want it and just lay it down…you didn’t put it back from where you got it from …its considered shoplifting…:frowning: …now …
back to karaokee night…tribute to Britney night :slight_smile:

I’m intoxicated now
I think you’ll love it now
I think I’m ready now
I think I’m ready now
I’m intoxicated now

wow,is all/most of that stuff illegal/perceived to be illegal :slight_smile:

I’d bet most peeps who use these forums (AfterDawn/VideoHelp etc etc) do most of them - except sing along with Britney that is - or am I living in my own world hahahaha