The latest update on CloneDVD -does it do what you think it does

I just posted the article The latest update on CloneDVD -does it do what you think it does.

One of the most anticipated software releases for 2003 will probably be CloneDVD, the DVD copy software to be released by Elby, the software company behind CloneCD. Altough the name of the software…

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Something to look forward too in March next year. At least we will have Dvd X Copy to play around with until then :4

disappointed :frowning: I thought it would make perfect 1:1 copies

How exactly did you expect it to make a 1:1 copy of a 7gig CSS DVD when the drive you have can only write around 4.38G and can’t write CSS??

not every film uses up 7 gbs. As far as I understand, clonedvd simply rips the dvd and then re-compresses/re-encodes it and burns it. during re-compression quality is lost, isn’t it? so in that case I simply continue copying dvds to video tape through hollywood +. no disadvantage there. and copying to video tape certainly IS faster than copying with clonedvd, because copying to tape doesn’t cost any time at all: you can watch the movie while you record. So you see? Olli is certainly much more experienced in technical stuff than me, but I found a method to copy a dvd which is MUCH faster than his :4 Olli could make a software which creates 1:1 copies, but 1:1, as we use the term when talking about safedisc or securom protections: meaning no cracks, but emulation. I guess Olli could invent CSS emulation so that the dvd would think it’s still original. anyway, if, as Olli admits himself, the only advantage of this tool compared to other similar tools is SPEED and Speed ONLY, I see no point in buying it. That’s not CloneDVD, it should be called Rip(ping)DVD, because video is just ripped.

I believe in Ollie and believe he will choose the best method for us. When CloneDVD releases, it is time for me to buy a dvd+rw. Keep going Ollie, I trust CDVD will be as successful as CCD. Man

If this software cannot copy CSS protected DVDs 1:1 or XBOX and PS2 discs, then it’s a big dissapointment.