The latest piracy threat: Canada

I just posted the article The latest piracy threat: Canada.

The comedian Denis Leary once said he doesn’t trust Canadians because late at night you can hear them sharpening their skates, getting ready to come down and steal our cheese.

But now the US is…

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“…but I’d think that laying the blame on dozens of other countries without even a little bit of self-criticism is bound to come off as arrogant. No wonder everyone hates us.”

Now that’s gonna be the cause of lots and lots of comments I bet :slight_smile:

I knew those Canadians were a bunch of hosers!!! :smiley:

America - F*** YEAH!

Time to invade Canada and sort out these “pirates”

Piracy, what are you talking aboot eh?

Times have changed, our kids are getting worse
They won’t obey their parents they just wan’t to fart and curse

Should we blame the government?
Or blame society?

Or should we blame the images on TV?

No, blame Canada, blame Canada
With all thier beedy little eyes have packed their heads so full of lies, blame Canada, blame Canada,
we need to form a full assault it’s Canada’s fault

Just one more reason I’m happy I’m Canadian… but I would never board someone else’s boat… so why all this talk of piracy? lol

OMG! A Dancing Pickle!

I guess that happens all the time in Canada …

And look at what it is holding! I guess piracy is the least of their worries in Canada … :stuck_out_tongue:

I am American and with the cost of living in Canada I can understand if Piracy were higher there than here. I do not pitty most software makes, because most is way over priced. Good example is the fact that at the end of 2006 it cost Microsoft $5 dollars per copy to create Windows Vista. This includes the research, the advertising, packaging, and the shipping to the stores, plus all other over head. Yet even a OEM copy will cost you at least $130 dollars, with very little going to the store that is selling it. It is the same with music. Very cheap to produce versus what is charged per cd. So it is no wonder people become pirates. :rolleyes:

Blame Canada!

What did the “kids in the hall” say about Canadians, eh?

Americans without the guns :wink:

Pirates! I knew it!!! :smiley:

Wow, this is quite funny. The best thing they can find to make us Canadians Pirates is stealing Software, that someone else usually from another country. If they really want to stop piracy, they would go after the guys putting it out there on websites, or building P2P sharing sites, going after individuals that download it is just stupid. If the software is out there to download, a large percentage will go and get it. You will never stop that, even with laws and lawsuits. It would be impossible to persecute every single person who has ever shared a file or downloaded a file from a website. As far as software goes, for most peoples needs, you can afford it if you need it, if you can’t afford it, there is probably a backdoor software maker around, or you can get an older/used version for like half the price. I can get used WinXP CD’s from my Computer Tech for like 35 bucks. And for music, and other things like that, there are once a month unlimited download sites that are completely legal, and the cost is quite cheap. Ya know i’m Canadian, and so much of this whole issue is just odd to me. If they went after like 10 major companies, fined them each about a billion, take their businesses away and be done with it, piracy would be just a little bit less. And the governments would have a little more money without cheating the tax payers out of it all. :slight_smile:

Geez we really need something more interesting to talk about…
AAAhhhh how about the fact that software is outrageous in price for the most part…lets start there and work our way yo Canadian Pirates…:cop:

It’s easier to complain about the nice and polite Canadians :wink:
(and I think the point of the article: the US is pointing fingers at Canada)

Just wait’ll Canadians get cheesed off about this “Intellectual Property” stuff and cut off the US’s supply of back bacon and toques! Then, Americans’ll be singing a different tune, eh! (Besides - what the hell kind of oxymoron is "Intellectual Property, anyway? Nobody can own an idea!)

yes i would like to see someone prove the thought came into someones mind first. last thing i knew there were not very many mind readers. LOL:p

Well, you know what people doesn’t matter whether it’s Canada or the US, about majority of the countries in Asia and around the world base their businesses on piracy and illegal copyrights! Do you think that the so called soverign State the US can blame each and every single country for piracy and then end up waging war against them if the individual country does not agree to putting a permanent ban on piracy! Will this be the ultimate fate of Canada as well, being forced out of it’s own wits to stop piracy-after getting threatened by US! However, dudes piracy sure does benefit us doesn’t it, eh? so why critisize it anyway… LOl

Wow , say we have libraries which share book for knowledge and copies can be made for projects why can’t software be the same as peple out there use it for knowledge.