The Kingdom,Rush Hour 3 backed up sucessfully

DVDFab Gold 4020 beta (region 1)


congratulations on backing up movies that arent even released yet.

They released them early here because Tuesday is Christmas.

some people just dont keep up with the new releases

they havent in my city. wheres here at for you? amazon isnt even releasing them yet.

they are in iowa

The Kingdom (Widescreen Edition) by Jamie Foxx and Jennifer Garner (DVD - Dec 26, 2007)
Buy new: $29.98 $16.99
Available for Pre-order. This item will be released on Dec 26, 2007.

lol maybe someones trying to buy your vote.

you can buy it here

I didn`t buy or copy them just rented them in Missouri at Family Video.

ok well i dont deal with blockbuster. perhaps you can download the movie from them or get it in one of those rent online things. dont know. all i know is that amazon isnt releasing it, and neither is walmart, hasting’s, border’s,, bestbuy, circuitcity, target, kmart, etc etc etc so no clue why the blockbuster in iowa is.

i mean if one store releases them early then they all have to , correct?

you can buy it new for 23.99 or members get a really good discount of :Z$1.20

if you do a google search you will find that it is actually released on 12-23-07 but with most places not releasing untill 12-26-07, with a few releases on 12-25-07. and the uk not releasing until 01-28-08.

ok i stand corrected. called local vid store and they said yes but it was a first in the history of mankind thats ever happened.

[QUOTE=pythonis;1960338]i mean if one store releases them early then they all have to , correct?[/QUOTE]

this i have no idea. maybe they can not release earlier than the date the movie studio assigns. its just if you dont release on that date you can lose out on a few of the cdfreak sales at 6 am.:slight_smile:

my apologies for jumping to conclusions.

no harm done:)

just glad you did not wrap your coils around me.:iagree:


naaah… wouldnt do that.

Both The Kingdom and Rush Hour 3 have been officially released for sale in Region 1. I was able to successfully back up both but Rush Hour 3 had my CPU nearing 100% of the resources.

This thread is seriously off-topic, we all know that the movies have been released now, lets get back to discussing DVD Fab and leave where and when you can buy the movie in the Bargain Basement Forum. Please stay on topic, if there is one here.:cop: