The Keeper R2 - PC Unreadable

I have here this movie, if i insert the dvd into my pc i see just menu of the movie but if i try to play it windvd end powerdvd crash. With anydvd i see just vob of the movie, if i use dvd decrypter without anydvd, dvddecrypter crush, if i use dvddecrypter + anydvd 9 times on 10 crash but 1 time work in file mode and see all vob… but after extracting vob 1 of the movie is corrupt and unreadable and i can’t try to repair it because all programs crash when i open. there is also a VTS_03_0.IFO on the dvd that is pointed on a unreadable area of dvd like a ghost vobs…

Whit standalone player all is good… this dvd is provide from eagle pictures.

I have made new tryes and these are my results:

Anydvd + dvddecrypter (after 4 o 5 try)


W 01:37:17 Sector 53523 - Pack Header Not Found (0x00000000)
W 01:37:17 Sector 53524 - Pack Header Not Found (0x00000000)
W 01:37:17 Sector 53525 - Pack Header Not Found (0x00000000)
W 01:37:17 Sector 53526 - Pack Header Not Found (0x00000000)
W 01:37:17 Arrrrgggh! Too Many ‘Pack Header Not Found’ Warnings!
W 01:37:17 ‘Pack Header Not Found’ logging has been halted for now.
I 01:40:20 Copying VTS_02_2.VOB… (LBA: 577699 - 1101970) - KEY: N/A
I 01:42:41 Copying VTS_02_3.VOB… (LBA: 1101971 - 1626242) - KEY: N/A
I 01:44:41 Copying VTS_02_4.VOB… (LBA: 1626243 - 2150514) - KEY: N/A
I 01:46:26 Copying VTS_02_5.VOB… (LBA: 2150515 - 2290250) - KEY: N/A
I 01:46:52 Copying VTS_03_0.IFO… (LBA: 4154262 - 4154321) - KEY: N/A
W 01:46:52 Failed to read Sector 4154262 - Logical Block Address out of Range
W 01:46:53 Failed to read Sector 4154263 - Logical Block Address out of Range
W 01:46:53 Failed to read Sector 4154264 - Logical Block Address out of Range

after ripping i have all dvd complete in my HD but:

VTS_02_1.VOB vob incrimined with “Pack Header Not Found (0x00000000)” error is unreadable… i have trayed to play with VLC Player and it work but have 20 mins of black screen and audio is not sync.

There are more errors in all IFO files and try to wash VOB or fix crashing all programs. Ifoedit, vob blanker, vtsfix etc… any idea?

@ maxita,

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Sounds like this particular Commercial DVD Title was defectively manufactured.

By law in all countries if at Commercial DVD Movie Titles has the DVD logo on the disk it is required to play on any DVD device that has the DVD logo on the device.

Suggest returning the Commercial DVD Movie Title and demand a free replacement or a total refund.

Best Regards,

Is a rental dvd out today… i have try other rental dvd ut today also of the Eagle Pictures and i have same problem… i think that is a new protection mate

DUDE! use your brain! … or at least a little tact. You can’t say that here!! We all buy the movies we backup and cannot help pirates. Duh! :doh:

pirates??? dvd is mine!! i have a videostore and video rent i backup any my movies because any time there are people that lost any dvd…not is piracy mate but prevention

legitimate (le-jît´e-mît) adjective

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  2. Being in accordance with established or accepted patterns and standards: legitimate advertising practices.
  3. Based on logical reasoning; reasonable: a legitimate solution to the problem.
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Sorry if I have misunderstood or offended you.

try to use nero burning rom or alchool 120% with anydvd active or manually copy video_ts folder and then burn it with nero…

I assume you are the one, who has sent the IFO files to our support people. Thank you very much! I have to admit, this DVD is most interesting and seems to have a quite creative new form of copy protection.
I suspect it to be a brand new protection, maybe from the ProtectDisc people:
Unfortunately I cannot analyse how the protection works looking only on the .ifo files. I need to have at least one original disc having this protection.
If anybody knows of a similar disc, please let me or our support people know.
I am looking for a DVD which can be bought, not a rental DVD, preferably from France, UK, Germany, Japan or US/Canada.
Thanks again!

You can save your time, this will not work.

James wrote:

> I suspect it to be a brand new protection,
> maybe from the ProtectDisc people:

It very well may be, but even they claim their protection works on a PC with the appropriate software and a DVD drive.

According to their web site, the system requirements are:

“Any stand alone DVD Player or PC with software player and DVD-ROM compatible drive.”

As always James, thanks for your diligence in this continueing struggle!

maybe you are surely right…i’ve only reported an information founded on another forum


According to an user of an italian forum, this film can be done with alchol 120% or with dvd decrypter + 1clickdvd copy

I didn’t think alcohol would touch any DVD with protection on it - doesn’t it need something like AnyDVD?

i don’t know…i just cut and paste the information

where can I find this DVD? do you have a website where I can order the disc? Where are you. Europe?


i’m from Italy but at the moment the DVD is unavailable…



This is the R1 US NTSC DVD, not the R2 Italian PAL DVD mentioned by forum member maxita:
We are desperatly seeking a sample of the Italian “The Keeper” DVD or another DVD with the same type of copy protection.


Just so you know, you wont be able to get your hands on this disc for awhile. I too, have looked. The DVD rental release date was 12/14/2005, however you cannot purchase this disc until a month or two after. So, I suppose if you traveled to Italy you could just rent it and never return ;o)

What about sending a “non-Working” backup of the movie to Slysoft made with Alcohol 120% so that they can at least examine how it works for now…Is that Legal or not?