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Yeah, you wish! :stuck_out_tongue:

OK, its a simple old one…

Pioneer x16 DvD iDE drive - new reversion!

  • Is it still worth my cash?

  • Is there anything else out there thats maybe better is speed, and noise ratio?

  • Is it cheaper than £55 anywhere else that you may have seen?

  • MOST of ALL can ANYONE tell me a good place to get the all famous ‘ALL REGiON’ software/Hack firmware for it?

…or do I need to just do this to the player software?

:slight_smile: Thanks for your time good freaks! :slight_smile:

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Firmware you can find here


you used to be able to get firmware from but i havent been there recently and it was taken down then…

anyone know a mirror???

Mr C


:slight_smile: Mattel007 - you never seem to let
us down when we need the good stuff!

Thanks! :slight_smile: