The Journey: How an Optical Disc is Made (Falcon Technologies International LLC)


Have you ever wondered how an optical disc is made? Now you have chance to see the entire process starting from the polycarbonate granules until the end product is packaged and shipped to the end consumers.
Falcon Technologies International LLC

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Nice, but a bit to busy and to many “effects”.


And they could use different music, too. :tongueout: Otherwise, a very nice work. I wonder how some shots were made.

Here is a more calm video showing the CD-R manufacturing process. The same line (4M MCL 500) was used by MBIL and many other CD-R producers.


That´s a cool video, it explain some things for the ppl who aren´t that familar with the process

@Music in the FTI-video, I thought the same but I´m not sure whether we would like the folk music in UAE more :wink:


awesome vid! thanks!!!


All three of these videos were awesome.