The Italian Job

I saw this a few days ago, and while it had nothing in anticipation compared to the Matrix Reloaded, I would have to say I liked it better. It was lighthearted most of the time, with some pretty cool action scenes too. I especially enjoyed the story of how Sean Fanning stole Napster from the computer guy (Seth Green).

Anyone else see it and like it? Or hate it?

I thought it was a nice movie, I love complicated plots and (unlike the matrix reloaded or lord of the rings) it ended.

Lord of The Rings is a single volume novel, not a three parter. It would stink if they cramp the whole story into 2 hours, and I’m sure nobody (except the nuts) wants to sit through a 9 hour movie.

Bad religion,me too loved the movie…unpretencious and uncomlicated…also the chases in da begining and the decoy trcucks etc in da end…

mini cooprs were fab…howver i think charlize was tryin too hard to outdo angelina -gone in 60 seconds…still angelina wins …
mark .was alsoo cool…though the domelition guy and hansome rob cud have done woith some more build up to ther cahracters…
i luvd the way he kept on staring at the fat guy…da look on his face…LOL…
(confidence-also had the potentail–but never made it…)

ul saw bruce almightly?good gags…the dog,monkey etc…but very lame in the end…

anyone else thinking hollywood has run out of ideas?

I’m sure there are a whole plethora of touchy feely movies that can still be made in uncharted territory, but for me, I’ll stick to the greats:
Van Damme
Jackie Chan

After Terminator 3 and the Tomb Raider sequal (for Jolie obviously), there are no movies I look forward to seeing in the near future.

Hulk - I like the Hulk, but computer animation that fake…no thanks
Pirates of the Carribean - Pirates…nuff said
Bad Boys II - retches
2 Fast 2 Furious - You can tell by the previews it’s gonna suck big time
Legally Blonde 2 - They made a ****ing sequal??? how?

if that wasnt bad enuff.we now have trilogies to contend withh…

and bad,u might wanna put one more on list…charlie’s angels2…

still…think italian job was quite cool by those stds…

phone boooth ,was one original idea,what say ckin,and identity??

heyyyy.any one seen johhny english…midlessly hilarious i thought

make hollywood spending money getting good writers and not so much on actors.

bruce almighty was funny. hulk was ok. matrix reloaded was good and the X2 movie was also good havent the italian job yet but probably will see it later thoguh

well cloak…if u likd bruce and da others…
i think ul love italian job …watch it

also has any1 seen fast 2 furious …hows it?