The irritating motorist poll

Which is worst?

Should have included -Driving while talking on Cellphone.

I never vote for anyone. I always vote against.-- W.C. Fields

Added :slight_smile:
I can add a vote for that option if you want

Gracias, you’re a gentleman and a scholar.

The preceding message was brought to you by the death of 30 brain cells. /.

I hate those people who make tiramisu while driving :frowning:

If someone can make tiramisu while driving…wow, I’d be impressed.

Yeah - when your driving you should be focused on - well driving. Incredible.

Some people can manage the cellphone while driving - if its hands free (dialing as well) and they can manage to hold a conversation without hand gestures (which - on a phone - always makes me laugh - you trained dog).

Incurtious drivers - damn it signal, don’t jocky between lanes, if your in the passing lane and you are not activily passing anyone - then get over to the right (unless you like to be a bullseye for cops - I love trailing speeders who hang out in the left hand lane - I can’t tell you how many times I’ve watched them get pulled over…and I just wave as I go by)

Don’t speed in residential areas, unless you like killing pedestrians.

i hate those people that pull out in front of you with no one behind you…only to drive 15 miles an hour then turn at the next light…
that just makes my blood boil…

Now don’t be hatin on us cell phone talkers…cause it just might be YOU i’m talking to…:smiley: btw i have a hands free device…

My vote goes defenitley to the “toooooo slow driver” :frowning:

btw…SS a nice butt, one thing that drives me crazy :iagree:

I hate it when people drive nice BMWs into near stationary objects. :stuck_out_tongue: What a waste. :iagree:

In todays paper

A lorry driver was fined yesterday for eating a packet of cheese and onion crisps while negotiating a roundabout.

Andrew Kitch, 35, of Newton Aycliffe, Co Durham, was caught steering his removal lorry with his elbows as he ate the snack.

A Northumbria police traffic officer noticed him eating the crisps when driving on a mini-roundabout in North Tyneside last December.

Tyneside magistrates’ court heard that Kitch held the crisp packet in his left hand, while he fed himself with his right, and used his forearms and elbows to steer.

Kitch, who represented himself, denied the offence but was found guilty and fined £250 for failing to keep proper control of the lorry, plus £200 costs.

OMG - Mr. Brownstown - WTF happened to your avatar??? :o That’s gotta be the most frightening thing that I have seen online in a while. I cringe when see it. AHHHHH!!!

Please don’t post next to S_S or some association thing might happen… :wink:

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left lane cruisers, those who don’t use signals, and those that talk on the cellphone while driving (usually results in the first two).

There’s only one thing I hate more than car’s, and that’s cell pkooones.
Someone who does both really should be erased.

sorry didn’t mean to distract ya…

Yes you did :wink:

i was too busy talking on my mobile and driving to notice…:stuck_out_tongue:

I dislike drivers who think motorcyclists are invisible and pull out in front of us. :a

You’ve never seen Bo Selecta?

@ Mr. Brownstone

Nope - kinda of wish I hadn’t :wink: - I have to check his stuff out…maybe :stuck_out_tongue:

Actually - I wish all cars had cell phones…and their licence plate was their phone # - that way I could call them up and them they to get the hell out of my way :iagree:

Yes but hilarious at the same time :iagree: