The Interview



having trouble with The Interview…anybody else?


What are you using for decryption? And are you working with a DVD or a Blu-ray?

There don’t seem to be any threads regarding this movie at the Slysoft forums.


regular DVD not BR


Since I don’t use Fab, I’ll wait a bit and see if anyone who does use it comes into the Newbie forum to help you. If that doesn’t work, I’ll move your thread into our DVDFab subforum.

Personally, I think its always good to have options for decryption. MakeMKV should be able to decrypt and rip this movie to MKV format for you with no compression involved. You’d lose menus and extras. MakeMKV is free to use for DVD’s and free for Blu-ray while it remains in beta.

If you’d prefer a full rip with menus and extras available, TDMore has a free decrypter available. No guarantees for very new movies however.