The Internet Archive gets new systems: 1.5 Petabyte




Capricorn Technologies says it has completed delivery of more than a petabyte of storage to the Internet Archive, a non-profit organization based in San Francisco that creates periodic snapshots of the Internet. Capricorn’s PetaBox products are based on Via mini-ITX boards running Debian or Fedora Linux, and deliver the lowest cost-per-GB and cost-of-ownership available, the company claims.

Capricorn started as a project within the Internet Archive (IA) to develop inexpensive storage devices based on Linux and commodity PC components. The project was spun out in June of 2004, resulting in the formation of Capricorn Technologies. The company has since supplied its PetaBox products to a number of universities, research centers, libraries, and national archives, both within the US and overseas, according to CEO C.R. Saikley. The IA remains Capricorn’s largest customer, however, Saikley says.


1.5 Petabyte that’s a little bit more than I have, but I think Kenny will get close. :stuck_out_tongue:


I want a yottabyte of storage :smiley: But that probably won’t happen any time soon.